Give the Gift of Security for the Holidays

The holidays are a mixed blessing. Spending more time with friends and family is great, but it also means more obligations. Since we are stretched for time, we make simple mistakes, like clicking on a link that we weren’t supposed to in an email that looked legitimate. To make the holidays a bit easier, we recommend giving the gift of security to yourself and coworkers.

Cybersecurity isn’t rocket science. Best practices help keep us safe 99.9% of the time. To make cybersecurity best practices easier to follow, here’s what you should do.

Stop Forgetting Passwords

Long passwords are one of the best ways to secure your accounts. Shorter passwords, regardless of whether they use caps, numbers and symbols, are easier to crack. And cracking short passwords is relatively easy for hackers. The hard part is remembering long passwords, but don’t fret. There are password lockers that will store your passwords safely and securely, so you don’t have to remember them. Lastpass for Windows and Android and 1Password for Mac and iOS will work in your browser and mobile. Enter the password once, save it, and from that point forward, the only password you’ll need to remember is the master password for Lastpass or 1Password.

Secure Your Accounts

When you have a password locker setup, getting into your accounts becomes quicker and easier, but basic login protection isn’t very secure. 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) hardens your account by adding another layer of authentication. After you login to your account, new Mac’s and iOS devices use fingerprint and face scanning to confirm that it’s you who’s logging in. But biometric security isn’t on every device yet. We highly recommend setting up 2FA on your password locker, so at least that is hardened.

Most cloud services allow multiple modes of 2FA. The most common approach is receiving a text message on your mobile device that contains a pin for you to re-enter into the 2FA screen before getting access to your account. For those who want even more security and efficiency on desktop, there’s a security device called Yubikey which you can leave plugged into your USB port. Once configured, the Yubikey is used to confirm your identity with service providers, and you don’t even notice the delay in login.

Secure Cloud + Perimeter Security

Locking down your accounts will only do so much if your computer or network is compromised. When a hacker can spy on your computer activity, your personal security won’t make much of a difference. Every computer on a network and the network itself should be hardened to prevent the worst from happening. We developed Intuition Security+ to address the continued threats to our customers’ infrastructures, users and assets. It includes:

  • Single Sign-on + Multi-factor Authentication
  • DNS Internet & Web Application Monitoring, Filtering & Protection
  • Security Awareness-Risk Management End User Training
  • Enhanced Network, Services & Device Performance Monitoring & Management
  • Corporate & User Policy Templates & Management

Advanced security doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Our Denver local support team helps you and your business stay secure throughout the year, so you don’t get any dreaded notifications over the holidays that there’s been a breach. This year, give yourself the gift of security and stay warm with your friends and family, no worries.

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