4 Ways Applied Tech Makes Your Staff More Productive

Right now, some of the region’s IT Managed Service Providers are struggling to keep up with performance demands. Some providers resist technology and aren’t able to make the turn towards the mobile trend. Others are refusing to adopt the Cloud. And many more are just not making their clients happy because of poor response times, tacking on expensive repair costs and rapid staff turnover.

The team at Applied Tech has embraced changes in the IT environment and adapted our business model accordingly. It is not enough to just provide break/fix IT services. Growing companies are looking for strategic direction, and a stable partner to lead the way.

4 Ways Applied Tech makes you staff happy:

1. Rapid, expert response. In 2016, we handled 24,947 user issues, with an 8.6 out of 10 client satisfaction rating. Applied Tech makes fast and exceptional customer service our priority. If you’re experiencing delayed response times, or a pattern of problems getting solved on the third of fourth call instead of the first, that’s indicative of an issue with the provider.

2. Expert staff with low turnover. It’s hard to find good technicians. But it’s even harder to retain them. When business slows down and an IT provider can’t afford to pay their best people, this causes a ripple effect. Service decreases, clients suffer and it becomes harder and harder to rebuild. Applied Tech has a stable team of experts with a wide breath of IT knowledge. We have one of the lowest turnover rates in Madison and Milwaukee. If your IT partner is experiencing a lot of turnover or a sudden need to hire people, it could be a sign of trouble.

3. Strategic vision. Your company needs a strategic roadmap to get from where you are today to where you want to be in 12, 18 and 24 months. Applied Tech goes beyond the day-to-day IT management to offer big picture analysis and a path to use your technology more strategically. Does your current partner articulate a clear technology vision? They should.

4. Flat fee managed service. Applied Tech is one of few companies that offer a flat-fee managed service solution. What seems more common is for providers to charge one fee, then additional fees to fix issues, such as viruses. This is counterproductive as your provider has no incentive to prevent future problems. If you’re not using flat-fee managed services, you are going to continue to have multiple issues that aggravate your users and will wind up paying a lot more in IT costs over time. A strong managed service provider will mitigate risk before problems arise, take care of your network and not charge extra fees every time something goes wrong.

When employees are always complaining about their technology, you have a problem that can likely be traced back to one of these four elements missing. If you want to have technology that runs with fewer problems, you need a highly-responsive provider that can resolve recurring issues and offer a breadth of expertise to manage your systems.

Learn how our comprehensive managed services can accelerate your business forward. Contact us at (608)729-1300 or sign up below to schedule an assessment of your IT environment.

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