Everyday Tech Tips for you the User!

By David DeCamillis, VP Sales & Marketing

For many of us we hold our electronic devices upon the highest pedestal. They keep our businesses and personal lives together. But all of us know the incredible frustrations that arise when they go down or are taken over by a malicious intruder. We also know how precious our photos are and are using our devices for fitness more and more every day. David DeCamillis our VP of Sales & Marketing offers tips on how to maintain, protect and get the most out of our personal devices.

1. Stop and Think BEFORE you click…

YOU are the weakest component in your computer’s defenses.  It is you who chooses easy-to-guess passwords, clicks on links or opens attachments in emails without checking if they are legit, falls victim to phishing attacks and leaves traces of your identity all over the web. The solution is simple, and good advice for all walks of life: think before you act. Here is a link to a list of Good Computing Practices: READ MORE…

2. Manage your online reputation

Your online reputation is very important. You should think of your social media pages as your own personal website. It is your storefront where people will check you out! Your customers, partners, vendors, potential employer or employee and prospects are all checking you out online. It’s important to watch what you post on social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Make sure you keep them updated with your current information . You want to make sure what you put up and post is what you want those people to see.

3. Cleanup that PC!

Your PC can easily gain dust, dirt and grime over time potentially causing your computer to overheat and slow down performance. Cleaning your PC on a regular basis will not only improve performance but also extend the life of the device. You should clean the inside as well. You can run free Windows or your PC manufacturer (DELL, Lenovo, HP) diagnostic and computer clean up tools to help your PC run faster. Here is a link to some top rated free system utilities: READ MORE…

4. Don’t forget to backup all your stuff!

Most of us store tons of personal data on our PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones including photos, videos, music files, documents and more. Much of this information took years to accumulate and is irreplaceable. What do you do if your hard drive fails, you lose your device, you accidentally delete those important files? It can happen to any of us at any time, but the question is…do you have it all backed up. Setting up backups for this critical data is easy and affordable. Here is a good list of online backup services for your personal PC. (We would not recommend these services for your business infrastructure). READ MORE…

5. Clean up your photos for free

Most of us have hundreds of photos on our devices and in the cloud that were just not quite right. You thought you took the perfect photo at the perfect moment at the perfect location but the picture just didn’t come out right. It’s not too late to go back to those photos and make them frame worthy. With a free photo editor app you can easily correct blurred photos, remove red-eye, delete unwanted objects and more. Here is a link to some good free photo editor apps:


6. Get fit with technology

The evolution of smartwatches and fitness bands has been amazing to watch. These devices get better and more affordable every year. If you’ve made a resolution to lose some weight or just get in shape, the technology keeps coming. They are easy to use and tons of good apps have come out to help you get fit. Here is a link to some highly rate fitness trackers: READ MORE…

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