Employee Spotlight: Zach Holt

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This month, we have the pleasure of shining the employee spotlight on Zach Holt, our dedicated Security Specialist at Applied Tech. With a background encompassing various roles in public service, Zach’s expertise and commitment shine through in his work. He has held positions as a Manager of a Default Mortgage Servicing team, a 911 Dispatcher for Adams County, CO, a Firefighter/EMT for South Adams County Fire Department, and a Fire Dispatcher for North San Diego County, CA. These experiences have honed Zach’s ability to think on his feet, assess situations swiftly, and provide exceptional support—skills that seamlessly translate to his current role at Applied Tech.

Zach’s educational journey began at Horizon High School and continued with an EMT Certification from Community College of Aurora. He is currently pursuing an Associates of Applied Science in Cyber Security at Red Rocks Community College, further enriching his knowledge and expertise in the field.

In his role as a Security Specialist, Zach has been an invaluable member of our team for nearly two years. He plays a vital role in our SoC team, providing excellent customer service and resolving IT issues for our clients. What Zach enjoys most about his position is the opportunity to engage in incident response, investigation, and resolution. His background in emergency services has been instrumental in handling critical situations effectively.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Zach finds joy in various hobbies. Boating, golfing, and supporting the Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche are among his favorite pastimes. However, his true happiness lies in spending quality time with his family, and they often prioritize beach adventures.

Zach’s commitment to personal growth and providing a better life for his family is truly inspiring. He believes that “everything happens for a reason” and is motivated to achieve success and leave a positive legacy for his children.

We are fortunate to have Zach Holt as part of our Applied Tech team. His diverse background, dedication to public service, and unwavering commitment to success make him an exceptional Security Specialist.

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