Employee Spotlight: Wendi Kiss

On this month’s Employee Spotlight, we get to know Wendi Kiss, a Premium Plus Tech here at Platte River Networks. Wendi has a long history in the tech industry as one of her first jobs was assembling personal computers, before they were even called that. She thrives on fixing things and helping people, which makes her job a perfect fit. She also loves that in her current position, she gets to learn something new every day, and is able to pass that knowledge along to others.

Wendi was born in Salt Lake City but grew up in southern California in the San Fernando Valley. She has been in Colorado for 20 years and loves it. She received her BA in Education from CSU.

Wendi’s hobbies include singing and she has sung Balkan, Pop, Classical, Broadway and Opera and can sing you a song in most languages. Currently, she is working in a 1940s production with the Loveland Choral Society. She also enjoys costuming and is the costumer for several of the groups that she sings with. Wendi is also a weaver. You can find her and her team competing in the Sheep-to-Shawl contest at the Estes Park Wool Market.

Wendi owns a Porsche (That she says is prettier than Brian’s) and she and her husband recently bought a ’62 Volvo PV544 as their next project.

When asked the name of a living person that you most admire, Wendi said people do things all the time that she admires, so it’s never the same person. And we admire Wendi for that.

She is happiest right here and right now, in the moment, and her favorite motto is “Just Do It.” We think that says a lot about Wendi and her awesome personality.

Growing up, Wendi always wanted to be an archaeologist. While her career path took a different turn, her sister ended up becoming an archaeologist and Wendi has been able to help her excavate a CCC/WPA outhouse.

Finally, if Wendi could be anyone or anything, she would wish to be herself with all the laundry and chores already done. (Doesn’t that sound nice?) We are happy to have Wendy on the Platte River team!

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