Employee Spotlight: Tara Perticone

This month, we get to know Tara Perticone who works in Triage at Platte River Networks. She has been with us for 6 months and enjoys helping people out with their computer issues. She describes Triage as the first line of defense, as they put things where they need to go and work the incoming access issues and problems that users face. She loves figuring out issues with computers but also enjoys working with and interacting with people.

Tara is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Prior to working at PRN, she worked as a manager for Sonic for 9 years and worked at Geek Squad for two years. She has a bachelor’s in English and Writing.

When she is not working she enjoys working out, messing around with computers, making crafts, or creating art for others. She is happiest when she is at the gym. She also speaks a few different languages. Her favorite book is Frankenstein, and similarly, her favorite movie is anything horror-related. (I’m sensing a trend).

When asked who Tara admires, she said she admires all life, especially the fighters that keep pushing forward, no matter the hand that was dealt to them. She admires every person for exactly who they are. Even further, when asked if she could be anything or anybody else, Tara said all she’d ever want to be is herself.

Tara’s favorite motto is a quote from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: “He said, ‘why should I tarry?’ and smiled with tranquil eye; ‘In destinies sad or merry, True men can but try.’”

We are so lucky to have Tara as a team member here at Platte River Networks!

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