Employee Spotlight – Stacey Bainter

Our employees are the key to our success and we love talking about them. This month we get to know Stacey Bainter, Accountant. She has been with Platte River Networks for a year now but it feels like she has been a part of our family since inception the way she has woven herself so beautifully into our tight knit group. Stacey’s describes her role with Platte;

“I am the financial liaison between all clients and Platte River Networks.”

It’s not hard to see that she is a very humble person because to us she’s so much more than that to us! Stacey is a huge help in keeping Platte River Networks running smoothly financially. She is an amazing juggler and keeps various balls in flight on a day to day basis with the greatest of ease and never without her beautiful smile.

We asked Stacey what she likes most about her position;

“In this position, I am able to communicate with everyone in each department. I’m able to build relationships with our clients as well as other employees. Brent (PRN’s CFO) allows me to make this position my own and gives me the opportunities to gain more knowledge through different tasks and educational training. This truly feels like a family and not just a place I go to work to every day.”

Let’s get to know Stacey:

This Libra baby was born in Kansas City Missouri the youngest of three girls, Stacey moved to Colorado in the mid to late 70’s. Although growing up in Colorado she and her sisters spent their summers back on Missouri soil during their summer breaks. Stacey was such a special baby that it took her parents a week to name her;

“Yea”, she giggles, “I ended up with my mom’s cousin’s kids first name, they just added an “e” to change it up, gotta take what you can get!”

Upon graduating from Horizon High School she earned and Associates degree from Front Range College. Her first job during college was as a referee for intramural basketball, the only female referee during her freshman year. That explains why she can occasionally be found watching her favorite movie Hoosiers.

“Most men were skeptical but I had been playing basketball since I was 6, so I knew a thing or two.”

After college and prior to coming to Platte River, she joined Papa John’s as an assistant manager and then became an accountant for landscaping company in Aurora.

Three days a week, before the sun comes up, Stacey can be found in our company gym getting in a workout before her typically busy day begins. Away from the office she enjoys spending her free time at home relaxing with her Cocker Spaniel Muggs, watching college basketball, playing soccer, running and working in her yard. But she is the happiest on the wide open highway with her son Jake, road tripping to wherever the path leads them.

It’s interesting that Stacey wanted to be a criminal lawyer when she was growing up. She definitely is a person of balance, keeping the peace and bringing all that is good to our office. Thank you Stacey for choosing us, we are lucky to have you, your financial wisdom and your beautiful energy!

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