Employee Spotlight – Mike Moore

Our employees are the key to our success and we love talking about them. This month we get to know Mike Moore, Procurement Specialist and Facilities Manager. Mike has been with Platte River Networks for five years. His role is to issue purchase orders, develop term contracts and acquire supplies and services. He is also involved in the strategic planning and day to day operations in relation to our building and surrounding premises. We asked Mike what he likes most about his position:

Being able to learn more about the internal flow and functions of the company have been great. I also enjoy learning more about the new technology and products that we use. I am also the wearer of many hats, but not because of my hairline, he jokes!

Prior to working for Platte River Networks Mike was a certified Honda/Acura mechanic for 15 years and for two years he repaired fitness equipment in the Denver metro area.

Fixing fitness equipment was fun because it was like working on a car from the 20’s or 30’s. Not much to it.

Let’s get to know Mike a little better:

He was born in in Texas until he was two but considers himself a Colorado native. Considering the amount of time he has spent camping, hiking and driving the beautiful terrain of the Rocky Mountains, we feel he definitely qualifies! It seems the love of snow and mountains started early in his life. As a child Mike’s aspiration was to be a professional snowboarder but his left knee led him down a different path in life.

Although he is a man of the great outdoors he definitely has a love of movies and had a hard time narrowing it down to just one, but at the top of his list you will find; Step Brothers, Pulp Fiction, Hackers and the movie starring his favorite superhero, Deadpool. When asked why this comical antihero holds such prestige in the company of the more iconic superheroes, he replied;

No reason, the guy is just that good!

His favorite book is The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. Which is no surprise considering one of the loves of his life is a Blue Heeler named Maddie who won Mike’s heart at the wee age of eight weeks and has been a huge part of his life for the past seven years.

If he could be anything or anybody Mike chooses off  road racing champion Ballistic BJ Baldwin;

Google him and watch a maniac behind the wheel of an 800 horsepower trophy truck make it look like driving on a Sunday down the PCH.

Mike has two things in life that make him the happiest; when he is in the middle of nowhere, camping in a remote area with zero cell service and spending time with his niece Miloh. Watching her grow up is just as fun if not better in his eyes. She has definitely won the love of this rugged, independent bachelor and will forever be a part of him.

Although Mike has a tremendous passion for fast trucks, his home state, a beautiful niece and his sweet pup there is one person in his life that nothing can hold a candle to…Gary Michael Moore. His dad; war hero, Vietnam Veteran, loving father, husband and a man who, after two years, conquered of one of life’s greatest battles; cancer.

Just a damn good guy. Love ya’ Pops!

Life is about to move on to a very exciting chapter for Mike as he is about to purchase his own home here in the very state that won his heart!

It’s been a stressful process but also an amazing search. All worth the effort!

We wish you the very best in your 2017 ventures Mike and as you celebrate your birthday this month all of us here at Platte River thank you for making us a part of five precious years of your life. You definitely know the meaning of appreciating life and the people that make up your world…well we appreciate you and all that you and your many hats do for us! Happy Birthday!

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