Employee Spotlight: Michael Thompson

This month we get to know Michael Thompson, a Service Delivery Tech here at Platte River Networks. Before coming to PRN, Michael worked in executive support for MCI Worldwide and for Rupert Murdoch at Newscorp. It was there that he was exposed to executives and celebrities like Bruce Willis, Keifer Sutherland, and Arnold Schwarzenegger while traveling abroad. He’s worked in industries such as pharmaceutical, telecom, media, healthcare, solar technology, and more! Michael received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Monroe College.

Michael has been with PRN since January of 2020 and his role involves providing and delivering the best IT Service to clients. His favorite aspect of his job is that everyone is willing to share knowledge and help better each other. He loves that the management team gives employees the freedom to learn and step outside their boundaries. Michael says he never feels bound to one task. He loves coming to work knowing he has the support of his peers and he loves seeing the client smile after an issue is resolved.

Michael is from Mt. Vernon, New York. His family is from Jamaica, so he says they are pretty laid back. He has 3 cats: Tron, Midnight, and Whitesox. He enjoys watching world news or playing video games. His favorite superhero is Batman and his favorite movie is Batman vs. Superman. The person Michael admires the most is Robert Downing Jr. because of how he turned his life around.

When asked where he is happiest, Michael said when he is at work. He loves to hammer away at tickets and it provides an anchor that keeps him going and gives him a sense of productivity. Being productive and helping people at the same time is when Michael is the happiest. We are lucky to have a great and dedicated person like Michael on our team!

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