Employee Spotlight: Michael Keathly

We are very excited to get to know more about Michael Keathley this month in our employee spotlight. As a member of the PRN team for 2 years now, Michael’s job as an IOC Technician is to assist clients with their computer and network issues. He thrives on helping people solve problems when they are at a loss for what is going on with their system. More importantly, Michael says he loves the environment that he works in, which is always great to hear.

Before joining PRN, Michael worked in IT but has also worked as a waiter, bartender, electrician, landscape tech, and X-ray tech. His heart has always been with IT and he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Security. His most memorable work experience was working for the National Renewable Energy labs, where he got to see a lot of prototypes and up-and-coming technology for clean or renewable energy.

Michael grew up in a military family so he was born in Virginia, raised mostly in Germany, and then ended up in Colorado when his father retired from the Army. A fun fact about Michael’s family is that after doing extensive research on his family tree, it was found that one of his relatives was part of Alexander the Great’s army. That’s pretty cool…

Michael loves to spend time with his family and is especially happy when he is at home with his wife and their 2 cats, Pedro and Mugu, and their dog Odis. He also loves online gaming, Star Wars movies, the Green Lantern superhero and any of the David Weber Honor Harrington books. Michael is all about living life to the fullest, and goes by the motto, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to smell the roses you might miss something.”

When asked what living person he most admires, Michael said Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

He had an interesting upbringing and only wanted to go in the Army, do his 20 years and retire. He did a little bit more than that I think.

When asked if he could be anybody, who would you be, Michael gave another thoughtful answer.

If I could be anything/anyone it would be Bill Gates. He started his company from nothing and turned it in to the most widely known and used company in the world. At least from an IT perspective.

You can tell that Michael lives and breathes the IT world. Although he wanted to be an F-14 fighter pilot as a child, we think he has found his true calling at PRN. We love having him as a member of our team, that’s for sure.

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