Employee Spotlight – Marc Harger

Our employees are the key to our success and we love talking about them. Starting off 2017 we get to know Marc Harger, Field Engineer. He has been with Platte River Networks for almost 10 years and supports and oversees numerous clients. Along with his PRN team, Marc handles all their IT needs from account management, budgeting, infrastructure planning/management to day-to-day support, ranging from desktop support to server back-end. We asked Marc what he likes most about his position:

I get to work with a diverse set of clients that keeps things interesting and challenging. Being a part of Platte River Networks for the past 10 years has been rewarding. I have seen growth and changes during that time. It has been amazing to be a part of such a great team. Each member of the PRN team is willing to get done what needs to be done to take care of our clients and support each other.

Prior to landing on Platte River’s doorstep Marc was a System Administrator for FEMA in Kentucky, Florida and New Orleans and was an IS Coordinator for March First (formerly Whittman-Hart). He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Systems.

I worked for FEMA during disasters. This position had me sleeping in containers, on cots or moving from one hotel to another. I drove into New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina when the entire city had been evacuated. It felt like an apocalypse had occurred with nobody around. As emergency responders, we were the only people allowed into New Orleans. It was eerie seeing vacant lots where houses had been completely washed away right next to untouched houses. There were cars left with their doors wide open as though drivers had run away in a hurry. Uncollected garbage and disaster-related debris littered the streets.

Let’s get to know Marc a little better:

He is one of the few people left who can call themselves a native Coloradoan. Born and raised on Colorado soil, young Marc always aspired to be a Wide Receiver for the Denver Broncos, until 9th grade football.

When I realized I was too short, too small and not crazy about being hit, he smiles!

Marc met his beautiful wife Jeni on a FEMA deployment in Kentucky. She was from Oregon and had just moved to Colorado before being deployed after tornadoes hit Kentucky.

After all the years living in Colorado, I had to leave the state to meet someone who lived in Colorado!

When Jeni and Marc decided to tie the knot they chose a haunted house as a venue and the date was, of course, Friday the 13th. They now have an extremely busy household that includes two dogs; a terrier (Sadie Mae) and a beagle (Sarah), two sons and one daughter. His oldest, Elias, is a TV star on Fuller House.

Yep, you guessed it…it’s my favorite TV show!

Marc names his mom as the number one person who he most admires in life;

I admire my mother for raising three boys by herself and providing the best she could for us.

We all agree Marc, she sure did a beautiful job raising you. You are a kind, gentle soul with an outstanding work ethic. Although you are not a player on the Denver Broncos field you certainly command the IT field with your brilliance, unbelievable patience and calm demeanor. Thank you for choosing our team!

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