Employee Spotlight: Krystal Hankins

This month we are excited to introduce you to Krystal Hankins! Krystal has been part of PRN for 6 months as a Triage Technician. Krystal stays busy answering customer calls, delegating tickets/tasks, and with general technician duties as assigned. Krystal says that she is always happy to see a customer’s request get resolved in a timely and well-rounded fashion. She says, “I like to make people’s day brighter by solving issues for them they didn’t see an end to for themselves.”

Before joining the team at Platte River, Krystal did a variety of jobs! She started working when she was 8 years old hauling firewood with her dad and being the designated flashlight holder/tool retriever in his auto shop. Her first real job was as a White-Glove cleaner in a Verizon Data Center. She has worked as a hostess in a casino, a receptionist for a writing center, a jewelry consultant, a research assistant, an Esports moderator, a medical professional, and a bobcat operator.

Although Krystal already has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Criminology, she calls herself a “career student”, meaning she is always enrolled in one or more classes at any time. She loves to learn about technology, space, business, horticulture, and anything in between.

Before Krystal came to work at Platte, she worked for a private medical clinic that treated people with Peripheral Neuropathy. She was the technician that did maintenance on their machines (some of which were developed by NASA!) and treated the patients. She also developed their nutrition program. She was an expert on the condition, and Krystal says, “it was beyond rewarding to see the patients let go of their walkers or get out of their wheelchairs and start walking again.”

Krystal is a Colorado native and was born in Woodland Park, Colorado. Her favorite book is, “A Court of Thorns and Roses” (series) by Sarah J. Maas. Her favorite movies are any and all of the Marvel Movies! Krystal has a black cat named, Pumpkaboo, and when she’s not at work or hanging out with Pumpkaboo she is mountain biking, rock climbing, ATV riding, hiking, learning about horticulture, watching movies, writing, learning, watching Netflix, reading, traveling, art collecting, driving, shopping, and dancing!

Other fun facts about Krystal are that she is writing two books, she was the Lead Moderator for the world’s first VR Esports team, and she has an invention she’s working on! Krystal’s heritage is Norwegian Viking (Northern Møre Og Romsdal, Oppland and Hedmark). During her free time, she also volunteers for the Denver Police Department! Krystal’s favorite superhero is Iron Man and the living person she most admires is Drew Afualo!

When asked if Krystal could be anything/anybody who or what would that be she said realistically a NASA engineer, but fantastically she would like to be The Queen of Westeros with her three dragons.

Krystal’s favorite motto is “There’s Always A Way”.

Krystal is happiest laying in the sun on a 65-degree day, reading a book and listening to the chickadee’s chirp!

When asked about Platte River Krystal said, “I love my co-workers. It has been an immense treat working with the people I do. Everyone is so genuinely kind-hearted and helpful in every way. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much as I do when I’m with them. If I have a question, they’re always there with all the support a person could ask for. You hear sometimes about what a team should be, and it rarely actually comes to fruition at work. But this team has exceeded all my expectations.”

We are so happy you are part of the team, Krystal!

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