Employee Spotlight: Kari Horst

We are excited to spotlight Kari Horst this month, an exceptional member of the Applied Tech team for 4.5 years. With a unique background in journalism, photography, and IT support, Kari brings a diverse skill set to her current position at Applied Tech: Systems Admin, Support Services, and Escalations.

Before joining Applied Tech, Kari held various positions, including sports photographer and reporter, copy editor, pro volleyball ad designer, QA for a software development company, and even a stay-at-home mom for three kids under five. She also worked as an onsite IT support specialist for a school district, broadband company, and architecture firm.

Kari earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism, public relations, and English. One of her most amusing and exciting jobs was as a photographer for an Indy Racing League team, where she got to take pictures at the Indy 500 from the pits.

In her current role, Kari is responsible for fixing the hard things, which she finds both challenging and rewarding. She loves learning new things, and the most fulfilling aspect of her job is solving clients’ issues and ensuring everyone is satisfied.

Kari is also part of the new Escalation department at Applied Tech, where a larger team enables everyone to learn from one another. By working together, they can ensure that clients receive the best possible service and support.

When Kari is not working, she enjoys pursuing her hobbies, including photography, playing with Legos, and spending time with her kids and granddaughter. She has fraternal twins and an older daughter, and her husband’s family has lived in Colorado for generations, having immigrated from Russia in the early 1900s.

Kari’s favorite motto is, “It’s a good day when I learn something.” One of her childhood aspirations was to be an architect or veterinarian. While she may not have pursued either of those careers, she still gets to play with Lego and has a houseful of pets, including two cats, Rekyr and Freya, and nine chickens named Biscuit, Fog Horn, Red, Easter, Eyebrows, Thing One, Thing 2, Coco, and Robin.

We enjoyed getting to know Kari a little more and are happy to have her on the Applied Tech team!

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