Employee Spotlight: Justin Slay

I was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, enjoy books like the Ender’s Game, and watch movies like Donnie Darko Bach with my miniature pincher dachsund. In my spare time, I’m happiest when I’m working on challenging projects that test my abilities. I dabble in aviation, programming, cars, Raspberry Pi’s (programming boards), and game development. Hoping someday I’ll meet Elon Musk and do something to help improve the world. He’s like a real life Ironman who uses ingenuity and hard work.

I have three brothers living across the country in various states – all Eagle Scouts. In the photo above are my three brothers surrounding me (I’m the third from the left) and my parents. My mother is a child safety advocate in Texas. Wrote and passed a bill in Texas barring children under the age of 18 from riding in the bed of a pickup truck. And, her family gave land so that Carthage, Texas could become an established town.

Despite dropping out of college, I’ve been a self-taught programmer since Junior High. Somehow, that brought me into newscast directing – a high stress, large responsibility job. A fun part about it was that I would also cover Texas Tech football games from the sideline and press boxes. Prior to PRN, I was a jack-of-all-trades:

    • Circuit City – Warehouse and PC Sales
    • Bank Teller
    • Master Control Operator – TV
    • Senior Prime Time Technical Director – TV/Newscast
    • Soda and Beer Tech. Installed soda and beer systems all over the state. (Rooftop Bar for Rockies)
    • Datacenter sysadmin for 3600 servers. Windows and Linux – Brocade
    • Game developer for Unreal Engine

PRN hired me June 30th 2016 to assist with daily activities in the Operations Center, identify and provide solutions to workflow, work hand in hand with technicians to build better tools for the team and our clients, and implement new projects. I enjoy the autonomy that’s part of the job. I have the freedom to take care of what needs to be handled. This gives me the room I need to build tools for PRN that have a tangible impact on the daily activities for PRN employees. There’s always something new and unique to work on.

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