Employee Spotlight: Jake Rozier

Prior to joining PRN, Jake setup over 6,000 computers at a major hospital in the Denver Metro Area. He also designed custom operating systems for an electronic signage company after getting his Computer Science degree from the University of Montana. Literally every job and all the training up until now has culminated in his current position at Platte River Networks, except when he delivered newspapers in high school. In a nutshell, Jake enjoys solving computer problems.

Even his choices of entertainment reflect his inner nerd, like The Matrix, Daredevil and Ender’s Game. To offset his screentime, he rides his motorcycle, skydives with his wife, and tells jokes that only he laughs at. Most importantly, he spends his time with his son alot. He’d like us all to know that despite owning a Chihuahua named Jack the Snack, he’s not as annoying and yippy as you might imagine. The dog was also a gift for his girlfriend of three weeks, now wife (scoreboard: Jake 1, us .5 because he still owns a Chihuahua).

Jake lives by the motto that imitation is the highest form of flattery. He’s not the firefighter he imagined himself to be as a kid, or Sean Connery, but he’s a generally happy person and we are all happier for having him around.

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