Employee Spotlight: Elon Grad

This month, we are featuring Elon Grad, our VP of Technology and Innovation here at Platte River Networks. Elon is responsible for vetting and adopting new technology for our staff and clients as well as managing PRN’s tools, products, infrastructure, and datacenter/cloud. He loves investigating new technologies and seeing the impact a new tool or product has on staff and clients. His favorite part of his job is solving problems and helping people, which he finds very rewarding.

Elon is originally from Chicago and spent most of his life in Florida before coming to Colorado. He got his Bachelor’s in Business Management from CSU. Prior to PRN, he was an IT consultant in Chicago and a Franchisee owner. He has now been at PRN for over 7 years.

Elon and his wife have a little girl that is about to turn 1 year old, so he has very little spare time. But when he does, he enjoys woodworking, leatherwork, small electronics, anything he can make with his hands. He also enjoys photography, hiking, and camping. They also have a cat named Esme. Being with his friends and family is what makes him happiest.

When asked who he most admires, Elon chose Steve Wozniak because he pioneered the personal computer and innovated so many other technologies. He is considered one of the greatest problem solvers of his times and also managed to live a simple, low-key lifestyle out of the spotlight and craziness that wealth and status can bring. Elon also enjoys the recent superhero movies and says his favorite superhero would be the current iteration of Spiderman, an innocent, flawed kid trying to figure it all out. He is given tremendous power and chooses to do good with it.

We are thankful to have Elon as a part of the Platte River team!

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