Employee Spotlight – Drew Mahaney

Prior to Platte River Networks, Drew was a Computer Analyst at the Chares County Board of Education s and a 25B1P (Information Technology Specialist) U.S Army 82nd ABN 3BSB HHC S6. He studies at NC State for 2 semesters, but the Army played a larger role in his development:

“There was this one time when we had a tactical night jump, during a training exercise. We landed on the DZ, and rucked 8 miles to the FOB, on the opposite far corner. From this point, I was responsible for securing connections across the DZ, from battalion to battalion. This entailed getting a satellite lock/time for SATCOMM, fully configuring a Cisco Router/Switch with 48 nodes across the FOB, and when necessary, we setup a LoS to LoS site.”

Since November 2015, he’s settled in as a Helpdesk Technician, and his team mentality remains strong. “For me, it’s not so much about my current position, as it is the current team I’m a part of.” Every day brings another adventure. The days he spends immersed in an issue and comes out on top is time well spent. He likes, “knowing you’re that much more knowledgeable about the subject matter than when you first started.”

Beyond Platte

His last position was a Parachutist Military, and the Rangers have a particular appeal, like being Neo in the Matric. “Most in my family are either artists, or can play a certain instrument. I’m 4th Generation military in my family.” Raised in La Plata, Maryland, Drew was read Tom Clancey’s Hunt for Red October and decided to steer with a similar dedication, but it’s not all missions and intensity. On the phone, you’ll get more of a laid back Elf vibe. He also likes long distance biking, cooking, PC Gaming (true gaming), snowboarding, & going to the range. Eventually, a backpacking trip around the world will happen.

“It’ll feel better when it stops hurtin.” – His Dad.

His family, and Grandfather in particular, offer guidance. “I’m happy at many different places, at different times, but I’d have to say two places. When I’m in the mountains on the road bike, and when I’m with my Family and friends.”

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