Employee Spotlight – David DeCamillis

Our employees are the key to our success and we love talking about them. This month we get to know David DeCamillis, VP of Sales & Marketing. David has been with Platte River Networks for 8 1/2 years. His role is to consistently improve and promote our brand recognition, find new partners and customers, and drive overall sales for the company.

We asked David what he likes the most about his position;

“Helping companies solve problems thereby making them more profitable + applying creativity to our branding and marketing efforts.”

Prior to Platte River Networks David was a jack of all trades holding positions as a dishwasher, busboy, oyster shucker, bar back, spring break administrator, stock broker, producer and bartender. His education includes 1 year of Business School at Colorado University in Boulder and 4 years of Journalism at Arizona State University.

Let’s get to know David a little better:

He was born in Louisville Kentucky and when he was 14 his family moved to Boulder. The beautiful state of Colorado held this young man’s attention causing him to lay down his roots and call it home. David is a non-stop ball of energy so it’s not surprising that his list of hobbies include running, biking, 14rs, triathlons, boxing and scuba diving. Growing up his childhood aspiration was to be a sports broadcaster;

Every morning before my dad, mom and three older brothers would wake up, I’d be the first one up to grab the newspaper when it hit the front porch and I would memorize the entire sports page including all the professional sports team’s scores and standings and all the players stats. For the remainder of the day at each family meal I would spout off sports stats over and over.  My brother’s nicked named me Howie after the famous sports broadcaster Howard Cosell. My dream was to be him on TV telling the world about sports.”

Once in awhile David does like to slow the pace down a bit and enjoy a good book, travel with his family, enjoy a nice glass of wine or bourbon, explore a fine dining venue and catch some live music. As an avid reader it was tough for him to name a favorite book but he did whittle it down to two; To Kill a Mockingbird and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Favorite movies were just as difficult and include The Godfather I and II, Best in Show, Gladiator and Manchurian Candidate. The times in life when David is the happiest;

On a beach next to any ocean in the world with my wife Amy and my four kids: Brennah 24, Gavin 21, Sadie 9 and Lola 9 (twins!).”

Although David had a lot of reptile pets and enjoyed a frog leg or two at his woodland home in Kentucky, he’s not a huge fan of pets. But he must have a soft side when it comes to his two young daughters and beautiful wife, they currently have two crazy cats, Suki and Mave, “I had no choice” he grins.

Batman, Leonardo DiVinci and  Elon Musk hold David’s attention when it comes to superheros and those who he most admires.

Batman – because he is human (has issues like all of us) and has no special powers yet he kicks ass like a super hero”.

His favorite motto: Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional…

Well Mr. DeCamillis, your three most admired men have sure rubbed off on you! Like Leonardo; you are brilliantly creative, like Elon Musk; you constantly strive for perfection and success and like Batman; you simply kick ass like a superhero! We are all glad you are on our side!

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