Employee Spotlight: Daniel Petersen

This month, we get to know Daniel Petersen, our President. Daniel took over as our president when we merged with Applied Tech, based in Madison, Wisconsin, earlier this year in February. We are completing the process of merging both brands into one entity right now. As President, Daniel works closely with the Board to support and execute our vision of being the top IT-managed services provider in the country and to clearly communicate that vision to our team. He ensures we embody the customer and team-focused values in all we do. He is ultimately responsible for all business measures including employee engagement, top-line revenue, bottom-line performance, project success and client satisfaction, and product development.

Before joining the PRN-Applied Tech team, Daniel started his professional career by running a paper route when he was 12 years old. He also bussed tables and worked in the kitchen at a restaurant and worked at a machine shop for a summer. Daniel grew up in Appleton WI and went to Madison, WI for college. He received his Bachelor of Arts Double Major in Computer Sciences and Philosophy. He has spent the rest of his career working in various positions within the tech space. This includes Help Desk, Field Technician, Ordering/Receiving, Accounting, Sales, and Account management.

He currently resides in Sun Prairie, WI with his wife and children. He has known his wife, Casey since elementary school, but they didn’t start dating until after college. He has a son, James (13), who enjoys soccer, a son Will (11), who is a black belt in Karate, and a daughter, Katherine (7), who loves gymnastics. They also have two cats named Lucky and Shadow, and his son has a snake named Bagels. Daniel is happiest when he is playing a board game or card game with his entire family, where they are all present, engaged, sharing laughter and snacks! He also enjoys reading science fiction/fantasy novels and short stories, listening to music, traveling, camping/hiking and being outside, gardening, and tending to his houseplants.
When asked who he admires, Daniel chose Steve Wozniak. Often overshadowed by the “other Steve” at Apple, he was one of the key pioneers in the personal computing and tech revolution of the 80’s and 90’s. Daniel admires him for living such an eventful life, but not going astray like many others in his position. He has adhered to his core values throughout his fame and wealth.

We’re so glad to have Daniel on our team here at Platte River Networks and enjoyed getting to know more about him this month!

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