Employee Spotlight: Costa Zounis

This month, our employee spotlight features Costa Zounis. Costa is an IT Systems Technician here at PRN and has been with us for over 1 year. His position includes a variety of tasks including assisting clients with daily tickets, troubleshooting issues that may require specialized attention, on-site assistance during various projects, and working with internal leadership to ensure clients get the best possible service available. He loves the flexibility and daily challenges in his current position. He feels actively engaged and eager to learn new solutions every day. Costa also enjoys being able to go on-site and meet customers face to face and strengthen relationships with clients when the job is completed.

Prior to joining PRN, Costa worked on the executive IT Tech Team for Chipotle, was an On-Site Launch and Technical Specialist at Datum Technologies/Earl Enterprises, INC, and was an Emergency Support Specialist for BECPOS. He has learned the trade through self-education and on the job experience.

Costa loves anything gaming, specifically thinking games. They can be tabletop games or video games, or really any type of game. In fact, Costa’s first-ever job was at a GameStop. He won a local competition for Halo: CE and his knowledge of shooter type games got him offered the job on the spot. Costa has also been playing the bass and guitar for 17+ years and still practices from time to time. He also enjoys building computers.

Ever since he was a child and tagged along to his dad’s work at Intelisys in the late 90’s, Costa has had an interest in building computers, networking, troubleshooting, and maintaining machines. He has ultimately built his hobby into a career.

Costa is originally from Fayetteville, NC and his family moved around quite a bit due to the military. He has been in CO since 1998 and is happy to call it home. He is the oldest of 5 children. His dad is a first-generation American. His parents, Costa’s grandparents moved here from Greece. His grandmother was one of the top interpreters for the FBI out in El Paso, TX speaking 10+ languages and able to read/write 7.

Costa’s favorite superhero is Han Solo as he is a massive Star Wars fan. In fact, his favorite motto is “Never tell me the odds!” by Han Solo. His favorite movie is Grandma’s Boy and his favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. He re-reads it every 3 years or so and each time he does, it’s with fresh eyes and a different perspective. It has inspired him to travel more. In fact, he would like to be a multimillionaire version of himself so he could just travel all over the world and experience all the different cultures.

When asked who he admires most, Costa said his parents, Ted and Joyce Zounis. They have always encouraged him to pursue his careers and find happiness. Costa his happiest when he is hanging out with friends and family.

We are happy to have Costa on the PRN team!

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