Employee Spotlight: Andrew Purviance

This month, we get to know Andrew Purviance, a Systems Technician here at Platte River Networks. Andrew has been with us since May of 2018 and works as a deployable technician so he gets to do everything that is done in-house like remote support and new hardware setups, but he also gets to work onsite for customers.

Andrew is from a small town in Kansas called Hays, Kansas where his high school graduating class was only about 200 people. He went to Fort Hays State University but finished at the University of Phoenix where he got his A.A. in Internetworking and Computer Programming. He has worked in various fields and positions from working at a sushi restaurant to construction, to making dentures. A fun fact about his family is his grandparents owned a dental lab so his first job was making dentures. His grandma even repaired a man’s lower denture that was broke in half because the man had used them as brass knuckles.

The technology being used in Denver is so much further along than in the tiny town where Andrew is from so he truly enjoys getting to learn on the newest technology here at PRN. He also enjoys working through technical issues with a customer and getting to the point where everything is working again and both being able to laugh about the initial issue that caused the problem in the first place.

Andrew is married to Kelly, who coincidentally worked for his grandparents making dentures, and now makes them here in Denver. They have two daughters, Macie, 7, and Parker, 3. They have a black labradoodle named Dudley and 2 cats named Nova and Slate. He is happiest when he is at home with his family and enjoys playing video games, watching movies, building legos, or working on other crafts with his family.

Growing up, Andrew always wanted to be an astronaut or something involved with NASA. He still loves anything to do with space. If he could be anyone in the world, Andrew would be Bill Gates and live the life of a billionaire but have the ability to give back in so many ways.

Andrew’s favorite motto is:

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for he is not the same man and it is not the same river. –Heraclitus

Captain America is Andrew’s favorite superhero, but Ant-Man is a close second because who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? His favorite books are anything by Roald Dahl, especially Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. He also loves Tolkien’s storytelling. If he had to choose, Silence of the Lambs would be his favorite movie, but his list is always changing!

We are happy to have Andrew on the PRN team and to have the chance to get to know him a little bit more!

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