Employee Spotlight: Alexi Odom

This month for our employee spotlight, we get to know Alexi Odom, a Premium Plus Technician for PRN. Prior to joining PRN, Alexi was enlisted in the Army as an Air Defense Crewmember and then started to gain a love for IT work at a technical school called LeaderQuest. He started at PRN in May of 2019 and works with the Custom Made Meals team with any IT-related questions, issues, or concerns that they may have. He loves the team at Custom Made Meals and the most rewarding part of his job is the experience and knowledge he has gained so far. He credits his team for helping him every step of the way.

Originally from Fort Hood, Texas, Alexi is number 4 of 8 siblings. He was raised primarily in Thornton, Colorado. Every male in his family has served in the military at some point. He loves to play football, ride his motorcycle, play video games, and swim. Alexi also says he is always perfecting his chicken wing eating skills too. In fact, Alexi is happiest when he is at home with his family playing video games, or anytime he has his motorcycle helmet on. His favorite movie is a toss-up between Die Hard and Frozen, because his daughter stops crying when he plays Frozen, so it is growing on him. Alexi’s favorite superheroes include The Flash from the Marvel Universe and Spider-Man from the Marvel Universe.

Growing up, Alexi always wanted to help people. He would always pretend to be a cop, fireman, or soldier as a child. He fulfilled that passion by joining the Army right out of high school and serving his country. He is still fulfilling that passion now at Platte River by helping resolve client’s issues with IT.

The person Alexi admires the most is his mom. She raised him to be respectful and productive and was always there for him growing up and continues to be a great support. Alexi, when asked if he could be anyone or anything, said he wouldn’t change a thing about who he is. His accomplishments and failures have made him into the person he is today, and he couldn’t be happier. He would like to be able to run as fast as The Flash though. That would be pretty great!

Alex’s favorite motto is, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill.

We love having Alexi as a part of the Platte River Team!

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