Employee Spotlight: Alex Patterson

This month, we get to know Alex Patterson, who is celebrating his one-year anniversary as a service technician here at Platte River Networks! Alex enjoys getting to work on complex problems and making customers’ work lives a little bit better.

Prior to joining PRN, Alex has been everything from a security guard to a waiter, to a social media case manager, to a SIP Engineer, to an IT/Customer Service Manager, to a community manager for games with several million players. He’s had a lifetime of “tinkering.”

Alex was born and raised in Brighton, Colorado but he has been around the world with his grandmother. He always comes back home though! Over his lifetime he has consumed over 116,000 hours of media, whether through watching, listening, reading, playing, or creating. His favorite book is between Fahrenheit 451, From Artemis to Diana, and the Inheritance series. Lord of the Rings is his favorite movie and has spent 183 of those media hours on it between the movies, extended editions, how they were made, etc.

Alex has a cat named Speed, that only wants pets, foods, and the occasional litter box change (sounds about right!) In his free time, he loves paintball, video games, history, writing, science and engineering, and basically anything to do with computers and electronics. In fact, he is happiest when he figures out a complex problem that took a lot of hard work and thinking to accomplish. He loves the feeling you get when you finally reach the end of a project and you created or repaired something that very few others could have done.

Aside from working at Platte River, Alex has always thought it would be fun to work on satellites and building the interstellar communications network that would be required to industrialize and develop space-based manufacturing and transport. But as a child, he wanted to be anything from a police officer to an astronaut, to an AstroScientist Engineering Officer.

In the end, we’re glad that Alex is part of the team here at Platte River Networks!

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