Employee Spotlight: AJ Erskin

AJ Erskin is an Onsite Systems Technician for Platte River Networks. He primarily supports the law offices of WSMT with day to day computer issues and IT woes. From Microsoft office issues up to server and network troubleshooting, AJ runs the full gamut at WSMT.

AJ received his Associate’s degree from Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana. Before joining PRN, he worked for various helpdesks and was a GameStop manager for 5 years in Indiana. In fact, AJ built his first computer when he was only 16 years old so he’s loved technology since he was young!

What he likes most about his current position is that he gets to be a dedicated IT resource as well as be a part of the MSP team flow. He loves the face time he gets being onsite with clients but also enjoys the backup of PRN resources if he is faced with a challenge he is unfamiliar with. The most rewarding experience so far has been the atmosphere at WSMT that made him feel welcome and allowed him to take over the IT duties with minimal friction.

Originally from the upper peninsula of Michigan, AJ spent 15 years in Indiana before moving to Colorado last year and he currently lives in Centennial. He reads a lot and watches a lot of movies but if he had to choose his top 2 favorite books would be The Enders Game Series or the Warhammer 40k Book Universe, which is actually hundreds of books. And his top 2 favorite movies would be The Big Lebowski and The Fifth Element. He also loves video games, working out, sports, beers, tattoos, concerts and festivals, cars, building things and working with his hands.

AJ has 2 cats named Abberforth and Zelda and 1 dog named Winston. His family raised and raced sled dogs in Michigan growing up. He has 5 brothers and sisters and his parents own a campground in the upper peninsula of Michigan. In fact, AJ’s dream has always been to build a vacation cabin in Michigan and then learn how to fly a helicopter or plane in order to get there easier. Growing up, they didn’t have cable or video games in the house until AJ was 15 years old.

AJ’s favorite superhero is Superman and the person he admires most is Neil Degrasse Tyson. He is happiest when he is in a hammock napping in the sun (who isn’t??), gaming all night with his buddies, or driving his car too fast. His favorite motto is “Ultima ratio regum” which is Latin for “the final argument of kings” and is engraved on Louis the 14th’s cannons. How cool is that?

We were happy to get to know AJ this month on our Employee Spotlight and are grateful to have him as part of the PRN team.

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