Don’t Let Poor Technology Lead to High Turnover 

The war for talent wages on, especially for small and medium sized businesses. You might not worry about your company’s IT infrastructure or whether the internet is slow or your security system outdated. However, these issues can become huge problems for your team, especially tech-savvy, impatient team members raised on fast internet, social media, and mobile devices. A slow internet connection or a clunky laptop can be enough to make an employee give up and resign.

Employee turnover can cost more than the cost of upgrading to solid technology

Employee turnover can interrupt your workflow, delivery schedule and morale. Finding, interviewing, and hiring a new employee is a long and costly process, one that will have you wishing you’d just upgraded your employees to new laptops and a solid Microsoft Teams implementation.

That doesn’t even consider the time it took for other team members to train in new employees, IT teams to onboard new equipment, and the cost of ancillary equipment.

Dissatisfied employees talk

When your employees face tech irritation on a daily basis, they definitely share those issues with friends. It’s human nature to share frustrations.

While this might seem a minimal issue, over time, your company’s reputation could end up in the gutter, known for having outdated tech and slow support.

How do you find out if your tech is causing turnover?

The best way to find out if your company’s IT support and infrastructure is to blame for turnover is to ask. You can find out a lot from online surveys.

Tips to assess your technology morale

  • Conduct regular employee engagement surveys across your organization. Make them anonymous so your employees can speak freely.
  • Include exit survey questions specifically about your company’s technology and support.

How managed IT consultants can help

Keep hardware current

Don’t cling to equipment for too long. Instead, we recommend working with a partner who makes rolling updates. Follow this general guideline: replace 20-25% of your workstations yearly.

Consistently update software

Recently more and more people are accustomed to using cloud-based software that is almost always up to date. Employees should be able to have access to the most current, bug-free software in order to get their work done.

Updates, such as those available in Office 365, give you constant access to the most recent version without requiring additional allocations of IT spending.

Best in class technology can be a retention strategy

Technology that supports your people and culture is crucial to keeping the best talent. Rely on a leading, established IT company to develop a technology plan that achieves your business goals, including talent retention.

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