It’s Time to Ditch Traditional Tech Training

When you want to excel at something, you practice it, but as we all know it is difficult to retain what you were taught in practice. Whether you are trying to perfect your jump-shot, learn the bridge of a complicated piano song, or master productivity tools within Office 365, it all takes practice and guidance. However, sometimes it is hard to find the time and resources to ensure you retain the knowledge you’ve worked so hard to gain.

With the quick, continuous improvements made to technology, many businesses are struggling to keep up. What you learned yesterday can sometimes be irrelevant tomorrow. Spending thousands of dollars to go to training sessions and out of the office for days or even weeks to try to cram knowledge about a specific application or tool is becoming more and more costly to companies. However, at the same time it is vitally important that your employees stay educated on up to date technology best practices so that productivity levels do not deteriorate and users are educated on how to avoid costly mistakes like succumbing to a phishing scam.

What is the solution?

We have partnered with BrainStorm, a company that specializes in Microsoft training.  Their product, QuickHelp™, is an easily consumable, on-demand learning management system that allows you to customize learning for specific people or teams within your organization and track their progress.

Here are 6 Ways QuickHelp Improves Your Business Productivity:

1.  Easily Consumable: Over the last decade, the attention span of the average American has gone down significantly, and though that is a bad thing in some instances, it doesn’t need to be. With short, easily consumed training videos, users don’t need to worry about getting distracted or trying to multi-task like they may in long-winded traditional training programs. On top of that, there are quizzes built in to make sure the user is comprehending and retaining the knowledge needed and not getting distracted or bored.

2.  Easily Accessible: Built right in to Office 365, users can access QuickHelp with a single sign on from the comfort of thier own office or remotely, on any device they want. User can access whatever training they need, where they want it, when they need it. No need for the user to drive across town for a seminar, or schedule a lengthy webinar where they can become easily distracted.

3.  Cost effective: Traditional training can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for one specific course and the underlying costs of the courses can add up quickly. In most cases, users go off-site to cram all the information they can in to their brain in a single day. That is not cost effective for many reasons; it is hard to retain the knowledge, the knowledge can become outdated quickly and time users spend out of the office takes away from the time they need to complete vital day to day tasks. With QuickHelp this is not an issue. For just a few dollars a month per user, you get access to the library of continuously updated content so you can stay up to date on the latest and greatest innovations to the O365 apps.

4.  Customization: QuickHelp users start by taking a quick Intake Survey that personalizes their learning based on job title, work style, and skill level. You can use that individual information, as well as assign teams (like your accounting team, or sales team) customized plans so they learn only information that is relevant to their job function. If you don’t like learning from videos and like interacting with a person, there are also live, guided sessions available online that you can join.

5.  Security Training: QuickHelp also has a security awareness module that is tailored to meet compliance regulations and allows you to document relevant training programs for auditors.  Whether your organization is regulated or not, the security module is a fantastic way to reduce your risk of users falling prey to common security issues like phishing and help them understand how to protect themselves and the organization going forward.

6.  Projects: When you start a project to implement new technology, like a move to the cloud for example, a lot of people get caught off guard. If even one thing doesn’t work or look the way it used to, it can cause disruptions to business productivity or allow costly mistakes. QuickHelp can be used to familiarize and educate users on the new technology, before it is implemented to minimize disruptions.

At the end of the day, productivity is essential to how effective your business is. With quick, easily consumable training, you save time and money that would otherwise be wasted. If you have any further questions about QuickHelp, check out some of the videos here, or sign up below to talk to an Applied Tech expert.


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