Cyber Security should be your company’s biggest concern

Technology continues to become more and more deeply integrated into all aspects of your business. In order to address cyber security concerns amongst the growing threat landscape and the continued threats to our customers’ infrastructures, users and assets; we have developed a platform of best-in-breed security products and services called Intuition Security + 

This new platform was built specifically for and fits on top of our existing Intuition Managed Services platform greatly enhancing the security products and services already included in Intuition as well as adding the following new security features:

  • Single Sign-on + Multi-factor Authentication
  • DNS Internet & Web Application Monitoring, Filtering & Protection
  • Security Awareness-Risk Management End User Training
  • Enhanced Network, Services & Device Performance Monitoring & Management
  • Corporate & User Policy Templates & Management

Single Sign-on + Multi-factor Authentication

The simple combination of a user ID and password is no longer good enough to protect our most vulnerable information. Security must evolve one step ahead of security threats to stay effective. Strong, reliable security in a business environment isn’t just essential today, it’s mandatory. The best security must take into account the needs of the organization and the employee, balancing protection, encryption and ease-of-use. Intuition Security + Single Sign-on and Multifactor Authentication are two security solutions that address these essential needs:

  • One username and one password
  • Control & secure Apps, Users and Devices
  • Eliminate brute-forced password vulnerabilities
  • Simplify & Secure identity & access management
  • Quicker & easier on-boarding for new users
  • Block access quicker and more effectively for terminated users

DNS Internet & Web Application Monitoring, Filtering & Protection

From users browsing inadvertently to websites that deliver malvertising, to drive-by downloads that instantly drop ransomware and other malware from command and control servers; uncontrolled web usage on the corporate network poses high risk. Intuition Security + thoroughly addresses everyday internet and web risks:

  • Provides security for any device connecting to your corporate and guest networks.
  • Protect users accessing the web no matter where they are, nor how they access the internet.
  • Prevent everyday web usage from becoming a major security risk.
  • Enables admins to finely tune web access policies by IP and limit access to other potentially risky websites.
  • Provides cloud-based, domain layer security that protects users externally
  • Ensure that most internet threats are contained before they even reach the client’s network.
  • Block most dangerous websites automatically and all the other sites under real-time URL category policy control.
  • Multi-platform Protection Secures Windows®, Mac®, Linux, Android®, and iOS® devices connecting to the network
  • Preset Policies and Granular filtering options Block websites according to 82 specific site categories (Security, Adult, Productivity, etc.)
  • Scans over 95% of the internet at least three times per day

Security Awareness-Risk Management End User Training

Criminals attack organizations through their users. According to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, 65% of all cybersecurity incidents in the last year involved human error. The human factor is a consistent weakness in overall cyber defenses; ongoing security awareness training is the only solution.

As a fully featured platform with ready-to-launch training courses and a phishing simulator, Intuition Security + Awareness Training offers a cost effective, easy-to-use solution to enhance your company’s overall cybersecurity posture:

  • Intuition Security Awareness Training is a fully hosted Awareness-as-a-Service platform with an end user training program and a sophisticated phishing simulator.
  • Engage and test users with real-world phishing scenarios designed specifically for your line of business.
  • Reduce the cost and impact of user-generated infections and breaches by training a more secure workforce.
  • Provide your staff with automated ongoing education and training on current cybersecurity trends and tactics.
  • Meet increasing regulatory compliance for SEC, FINRA, PCI, HIPAA and others.
  • User training will include tracking and reporting of invites sent, progress, completion, and scoring.
  • Users can launch the courses with one click on their mobile device, tablet or laptop.

Enhanced Network, Services & Device Performance Monitoring & Management

Intuition Security + takes network monitoring and management to a completely new level. Immediate access to your entire network is crucial for ensuring network uptime and performance so your applications and data are highly available and fast, and your users stay productive. Our enhanced visibility into your entire network ensures proactive management and quicker resolution time:

  • Remotely access nearly any network device in seconds — no VPN required
  • Quickly pinpoint root causes and fix issues
  • Instant automated network mapping of your physical and logical topologies
  • Immediate profile of every device on your network including full configuration, connection, services running and performance.
  • Analyze & view network traffic real time including: performance, polling and detailed logs.
  • Device configuration management including: analysis, daily backups, immediate restore and performance enhancements
  • Third party application patch management

Corporate & User Policy Templates & Management

In today’s world of information technology, the main threat to information security within a company is its employees. Therefore, corporate and user policies should be designed and implemented to explicitly list out the dos and don’ts in your network and in your corporation, plus serve as the company’s constitution that governs how employees use the network and take care of both internal and external security issues. The policies should be well planned and periodically updated in order to reflect your company’s ever-changing challenges and the continuous evolution in the world of technology.

With Intuition Security + we provide the following Corporate and User Policy templates and your monthly fee includes managing and maintaining these policies once they have been approved and implemented. A one-time project fee is required to build these policies for your corporation:

  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Access Control Policy
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Change Control
  • Cryptography Controls
  • Firewall Policy
  • Incident Response Policy
  • Information Classification – Disposal Policy
  • Information Security Program
  • IT systems and Network Operations Policy
  • Laptop and Mobile Computing Policy
  • Personnel Security Policy
  • Physical Security Policy
  • Vendor Management Policy

Additional Information

Intuition Security + pricing is based on a per user monthly recurring model.

Corporate & User Policy Templates & Management requires a one-time project fee in order to build and implement the policies. The Intuition Security + monthly fee includes access to all the policy templates, plus maintaining and managing the policies.

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