If you have the word “cafe” in your company’s name, you’d better make good coffee. If you have the word “pizza” in your name, you better make a good crust. If you have the word “trust” in your title, then you sure better be a company that can be counted on.

And that is exactly the story for Capital First Trust Co. The Milwaukee-based company manages about $600 million in assets, much of it in personal injury funds that affect a national client base of over 1,500 people.

Although founded in 1999, the company changed hands in 2015, from its founder Frank Maguire to Gaston Capital Partners, a private equity firm based in Belmont, North Carolina.

Its president, Chris Foregger, was a long-time employee who worked his way up in the company and, under the new ownership, helped oversee its move from 230 West Wells in downtown Milwaukee to its present address at 234 West Florida Street in Milwaukee’s tony Walker’s Point neighborhood. That move for its 26 employees meant almost doubling its space: from 5,000 square feet to about 9,855 square feet.

“We were like a startup,” Foregger said. “We were in a new building, with new furniture, with new staff, and new needs as a growing company.”

He said the company has added 10 of those employees in the past three years, with quadrupling assets and a new office in South Dakota, where it is chartered.

So, when it needed a new IT service, Capital First hired a consultant who put Applied Tech on the list of possible vendors. The Madison-based tech company bid and won the job of handling all the new wiring, hardware, software, training and more for the burgeoning company.

“We needed a company that could handle our move, handle our growth,” said Foregger. “Applied Tech has done that and more.”

Foregger said the move to the current space could not have been done without Applied Tech.

“The depth of their firm was a big factor for us. They help us keep up with the growth of our business, using Office365, Sharepoint and other applications. They help train our people and the staff has adjusted pretty quickly to all the new updates.”

Ultimately, he said, his company is positioned to grow, and Applied Tech has helped that to happen.

He also said the Applied tech management team had been very responsive, as has its help desk employees.

“We’ve had no problems getting what we need,” he said, adding the expertise of Applied Tech in turn helps him do his job.

That is important to Foregger because his company “has carved a name for ourselves in the trust world. We work with some very smart and dedicated people, particularly the settlement planners, who expect us to be experts to them when it comes to trusts.”

“Having Applied Tech frees us to focus on what we do: trust settlement. And that helps us build and keep a really good customer service model that preserves our excellent reputation in the industry.”

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