It’s not uncommon for businesses to get settled on Office 365 only to realize how easily they transitioned to the cloud. Approximately 80% of Applied Tech customers have implemented Office 365. Overwhelmingly, these businesses report that their workers’ productivity dramatically increased while administrative headaches were reduced since embracing O365. They almost always come back and ask us what else they should do in the cloud.

Nine times out of ten, the answer to this question is cloud storage. From a cost perspective, online storage is a big win for businesses. Replacing aging servers with new servers can run you anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000 per server, plus maintenance costs over the lifetime of the server. On the other hand, cloud storage is a few hundred dollars per month, and service fees are rolled into the cost. For most small- and mid-sized businesses, cloud storage is the most flexible and affordable way to manage files. It also offers a number of tangible and meaningful benefits.

9 Good Reason to Consider Cloud Storage:

  1. Having a scalable file storage system will better accommodate your company’s increasing or shrinking demands
  2. Rather than taking a chance with cybersecurity, you can put your faith in the capabilities of experienced, reputable cloud companies that pour millions of dollars into understanding the ins and outs of cybersecurity
  3. You want to reduce capital expenses instead of shelling out thousands of dollars per new server
  4. More efficiency and productivity with real-time interconnectivity and file sharing sounds like a win
  5. You want peace of mind that your files and data will be there every day, without fail
  6. A fried server would have catastrophic consequences for your business
  7. The expense of keeping a fully staffed IT department would devastate your budget
  8. You want to boost your team’s happiness and productivity by letting them work remotely
  9. The idea of something aging the minute it goes on the shelf disturbs you

Our Top Cloud Storage Recommendations

The two cloud storage solutions that typically work best for our clients are Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint. Both solutions are comfortingly reliable, and each offers the flexibility to ramp up or down based on your business needs over time. As with everything in the cloud, you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

An expert managed service provider (MSP) with a wide breadth of knowledge is key to making any IT solution work for your business and knowing which direction you should go. Despite what some IT providers might tell you, there are no one-size-fits-all IT solutions. By working with a company like Applied Tech, you can leverage a depth of expertise in a wide variety of business solutions to make sound decisions. Our managed services clients work with one of our virtual CIOs to gain executive-level IT consulting and planning. That way, decisions like whether cloud storage or on-premise solutions work better for you are based on your company’s priorities, needs, and budget – not on what some IT shop down the road wants to sell you.

Your priorities are our priorities. Our expert team is ready to help. Contact us below or call us at (855) 729-1300 to get started.

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