Back-To-College Tech Gadgets

Sending your kids off to college; not an easy task monetarily or emotionally, especially your first born. Of course they always want to have the best of the best as far as tech gadgets are concerned but what they want and what they really need are two completely different things. Here are some smart gadgets that will get used the most and not break the bank;

Ethernet Cables: Configuring a small college dorm is not very versatile. There are usually only a couple options on where to put your computer monitors. Be sure to send up at least two 25 foot ethernet cables to allow for adjustments and fight wifi frustrations.  Mediabridge Ethernet Cable (25 Feet), $7.99, available at Amazon

Bluetooth Speaker: Every college kid is going to want their music and not just in their dorm. Small transportable speakers are the way to go. Some of the parents here at Platte River Networks have had personal experience with JBL speakers, it’s small, waterproof and powerful and our kids love them! JBL Flip 3, $82.99, available at Amazon

A Flash Drive: Wifi is not a college student’s friend. Many times assignments are due by midnight on Sundays. If your kids are anything like ours they all wait until the last minute. A good old flash drive will save so much stress. The Scan Disk flash drive is great, especially for larger projects. SanDisk Cruzer 32GB, $9.99, available at Amazon 

Surge Protector: They are more popular in our office than copy paper. One power surge or lightning strike at their dorm or apartment, then all electronics not protected could be fried. Don’t waste your money on anything fancy either. We found a great selection at Walmart that will do the job just fine. Walmart Surge Protectors 

Microsoft Surface Laptop: Yes, it’s an investment but so worth every penny. My kids saved for these the summer before college and purchased them completely on their own. I think they both protect them and appreciate them a lot more this way. Sleek, powerful and designed to go anywhere. A definite must have. Microsoft Surface

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