An Interview With The Women in Technology Scholarship Winner

Platte River Networks helped create and is directly involved in the Women In Technology Scholarship, created in 2013 to assist and motivate Denver Public High School Seniors to pursue a degree in technology. In 2015, in partnership with the BBB Foundation, these scholarships are now available to any student in the 12-county Denver/Boulder area. The technology industry in the United States is growing rapidly and the disparity of men to women working in the field is getting wider. There is a great need for more educated and certified professional women in this field. This year, we are proud to announce our winner, Kaebeth Gonzalez.

Kaebeth, how did you find out about the Women in Technology Scholarship?

West Leadership Academy is the first of it’s kind in Colorado and I’m in the first graduating class. Many high schools use College Board books, but the Academy was actually setup by the College Board. I followed a teacher who recommended that I come from my previous school. Prior to graduation, each student is required to apply to 5 colleges and 5 scholarships. My counselor let me know about this scholarship because I enjoy videogames and technology. Whenever I have the chance to integrate technology into my projects, I do. I’ve used Prezi instead of Powerpoint for presentations and I even created a videogame called Finger for a class project.

Did you feel prepared for college?

I’ve been involved in technology since I can remember and I plan on continuing in tech through college, so I think I’m prepared, but of course I’m still a little worried. The Leadership Academy has done a great job of preparing us for the next big step. I’ve applied to DU, O of C Colo Springs, CSU Pueblo, CSU Fort Collins and School of Mines. Every school now has a Computer Science major, but DU has Game Development and Animation and Colorado Springs has Game Development. I really enjoy Open World games like Minecraft and RPGs, so it would be cool if I could make one.

Do you have any advice for younger women?

I’m a first gen college student, so my family has been very encouraging and proud of me throughout this process. My teachers and counselors are also extremely important in my journey to college. I’m very grateful for the help I’ve received. I couldn’t have done everything on my own. You need help and support from everyone around you – friends, family, teachers and counselors. With the right support, you can accomplish much more than you might expect.

Thank you Kaebeth for pursuing your dreams in tech and keep up the great work. With your attitude, you’ll succeed in college.

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