7 Ways Applied Tech Helps Businesses Embrace Digital Transformation

Helping businesses succeed has been at the core of what Applied Tech does since we opened our doors in 1999. Over the past 20 years, our company has evolved to meet the needs of the Wisconsin business community.

Applied Tech started by fixing issues for small- and medium-sized businesses who were underserved by technology. From there, we branched out into proactive maintenance. As our company grew, so did our level of expertise. We’ve been able to build out security, support and strategic teams to provide industry-leading services for our customers.

When The Alliance’s servers were damaged by water, Applied Tech worked through a snowstorm to resolve the issue. Watch the video to learn more.

Our structure and offerings have changed, but our goal has stayed the same. We want to see our customers digitally transform their businesses so they can generate more revenue and streamline operations. We can then discover more about your process and the difference we can make for your organization.

How Applied Tech Helps Future-Proof Technology for Your Business

1. Subject Matter Experts Offer Comprehensive Support

When you work with a large managed services provider, you gain access to a team of experts. As the technology landscape changes, your partner will add resources. For instance, the threat landscape is very different than it was 5 years ago. To enhance the security of our customers, we brought experts on board, including IT professionals to help our clients meet compliance requirements.

2. Strategic IT Consulting Can Drive Your Business Forward

We take the time to really understand our client’s business so we can provide exceptional support at all levels, including for the leadership team. Strategic IT services help you:

  • Create a roadmap and plan for the future
  • Set the right budget
  • Transform your business through technology

3. Issues are Quickly Resolved

Our organization has escalation processes in place so issues never fester. When you submit a ticket, it is carefully managed. If a level 1 technician can’t resolve the problem within an established timeframe, it moves to an expert on our staff. We’ll also raise and resolve issues with vendors on your behalf.

4. Best Practices are Followed

Consistently applying standards reduces confusion, improves communications and keeps your business on track. Applied Tech has a set process for implementing change. We provide regular updates, so everyone is on the same page. When this doesn’t happen, people think there is an issue and submit tech tickets. This distracts from day-to-day operations and disrupts your business.

5. Your Business and Network are Secure

In addition to adding security subject matter experts, we have the CompTIA Security Trustmark. This is not easy to achieve, and we are one of the very few that can claim this level of commitment to our internal security.  The investment was important to us because it enables us to better serve all our clients in a safe and secure environment.  This is especially important to those who need their vendors to meet HIPAA, PCI or NIST compliance.

6. We Recommend Long-Term Solutions

Several years ago, a client was in the process of replacing a phone system. Instead of a regular system, we recommended what, at the time, was an up-and-coming technology – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This transformed the business, improved video conferencing, and was a better long-term solution for the organization.

7. Looking Ahead

We can’t perfectly predict the future, but we know Applied Tech will continue to expand. We aren’t reliant on a single visionary. We are backed by a leadership group focused on finding new ways to create value for customers through strategic support and access to the subject matter experts on our team.

We aren’t interested in making a quick sale and will be the first to tell a business if working with Applied Tech does not make sense for them. As the market changes, we’ll adapt and evolve, even if it means loss of revenue in a certain area. We will find ways to be valuable for customers and recommend the right solutions.

Ready to start planning for the future? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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