5 Keys to the Right IT Solution

Feeling Unsupported? 5 Keys to The Right IT Solution

When your business is growing, it’s important to evaluate your technology solutions. Whether you have an internal IT resource, or use an IT provider, you might not realize that your IT needs are outgrowing your current solution.

You want to reduce risks to your business and enable your team to focus on their area of expertise, not on technology challenges.

So how can you be sure that your IT solution is supporting your business? Look for these 5 key indicators:

1) Predictable budget and costs. Is your IT spending all over the place? When you’re growing, a predictable monthly IT expenditure and budget should be top priority. You also need someone to evaluate what you’re spending on and look for overlaps and gaps. For example, you may have multiple IT vendors and overlapping solutions, which means you are overspending.

2) Consistent response times. No matter who handles your IT, response times should always be consistent. When you can’t get a response, it costs you money in downtime and lost productivity. Many internal teams and IT companies simply aren’t equipped with the manpower and expertise to manage the IT needs of a growing company. Our tiered overflow approach gets clients immediately connected to an expert who knows their company and is trained in issue resolution.

3) Proactive vs. reactive. Are you typically first to report an IT outage, or is your provider? Downtime is not only inconvenient, but it is expensive and unproductive. A proactive approach to IT management means we can anticipate and prevent problems before they occur. Prevention saves you money and happens in the background, so it’s more effective and less impactful than downtime.

4) Strategic insights. Your IT partner should not only understand your current environment, but should also be able to add value to your business by recommending strategic solutions. Imagine a provider that identified cloud solutions that could make your employees more mobile or recommended a sales automation tool that equips your team with more in-depth customer insights. An IT partner that keeps you current with technology is essential to remain competitive and grow your business.

5) Customized Security Solutions. No business is safe from security threats, and security and data recovery are even more necessary when you’re growing. There is no one-size fits all solution. It’s critical that your IT provider evaluates your needs and customizes a solution specific for your company.

With a predictable budget and an IT provider who can serve both as a responsive support and a strategic guide, your business can better leverage technology to meet your goals for growth and competitiveness in your market space. If your IT solution is not meeting your needs, it’s only holding you back.

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