3 Myths that May be Keeping You from the Cloud

In the Midwest, only 18-20% of companies are using the cloud, according to a recent study by Microsoft. Compared to the rest of the United States, this number is very low. For those that have not moved to the cloud yet, what is stopping them?

Myth: We need to use our hardware until it reaches end of life.

Fact: You can have your hardware, and eat it too…

You don’t need to ditch all your hardware to start using the cloud. Cloud solutions are all scalable, and there are several benefits you can take advantage of with project-based initiatives such as:

  1. Backup and disaster recovery – Cloud backup sidesteps the expense of on-premise or offsite data centers
  2. Data storage – Offload high-performance data storage needs to the cloud.
  3. Cloud conferencing – Get your conferencing done in the cloud and move away from costly on-premise conferencing solutions
  4. Advanced analytics – Power Business Intelligence in the cloud gives you more ability to leverage your data and make better business decisions.

Myth: We have more control over physical equipment versus the cloud.

Fact: You have no say over when the equipment in front of you breaks, when the power goes out, when switches fail or when server room floods. It’s only the perception of control that you have.

Because of the level of investment put into the cloud and the affordability of the scale model, enterprise cloud solutions offer better control over:

  1. Security –  Enterprise-class cloud providers spend billions per year on the security of their datacenter. How much are you spending on securing your organization?
  2. Redundancy – Major cloud providers replicate the hardware in their servers to multiple data centers. If there is an outage, you stay running.
  3. Scalability – On-premise solutions are typically not scalable. Cloud allows you to opt for whatever server space, licensing or technology you need without having to pay for things you won’t use.

Myth: Our ERP (or other legacy systems) doesn’t use the cloud and it’s too costly to change software.

Facts: Your software should not be restricting the evolution of your business. If you haven’t started digital transformation, it’s time to create a plan to do so.

For each of your core business applications, you have the option to upgrade the solution, recode it to accommodate the cloud or move to a new solution. You may even have to restructure the way you do business. But it’s worth the effort.

The digital revolution is underway – your company needs to take part in it or you’ll be left behind. Having a legacy system prevents your evolution and directly impacts your position in the market.

There are many myths that keep businesses from leveraging cloud solutions. Remember that the cloud model is far from all-or-nothing. With scalable and secure technology, it offers your business real advantages as a low risk and scalable cost.

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