3 Business Cases for Hiring a Managed Service Provider. Do One of These Sound Like You?

Now, more and more businesses are looking for a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who can help them to achieve strategic goals in addition to support services, but if you happen to be one of these businesses, many of whom feel as though they are falling behind the curve, you might not see your needs as strategic as much as red-button, bat-phone, last-resort support.

But whether you are in a growth or reactionary mindset, the very nature of IT is shifting. Is enabling a mobile workforce a support or strategic role? What about moving to the cloud? Is slow Internet a support concern, or is negotiating the gauntlet of telecom carriers more like negotiating with a critical supplier? Data is way more than electricity; it is information; it is communication; it is connection with customers. Data is critical.

We have created a list of the three most common business cases to help you make one of the best decisions for your business.

3 Common Scenarios for Hiring a Managed Services Provider

Business Case #1: Our in-house IT staff is overloaded with daily management

“Only 6% of companies hiring an MSP actually terminated contracts with in-house staffers as a result of adopting managed services.” (CompTIA, Buying Guide for Managed Services)

We decided to start with the hardest case to prove. If your current IT staff is overloaded with support requests, then the natural conclusion is that your MSP, who will take over these tasks, will also play a support role.

Many internal IT teams can feel anxious about outsourcing for this very reason, because they believe that once all the busy-work is taken away, they won’t have anything to do. But this grim scenario almost never happens. Only 6% of companies hiring an MSP have actually terminated contracts with in-house staffers as a result of adopting managed services (CompTIA, Buying Guide for Managed Services).

What do IT staffers do after the outsource solution? They are free to focus more on strategic tasks, like integrating new technology or identifying capabilities that will help the business grow. Even if this business case looks like a support decision, it turns into a strategic one.

Business Case #2: We Want New Cloud Infrastructure and Applications

This case is easy.

The decision to push applications and functions to the cloud is right up there with chess openings in terms of strategic decisions. Security, scalability, cost, and sustainability are just a few of the issues that come into play when deciding between public or private cloud, private cloud or virtual private cloud. Do you want a distributed workforce, capable of accessing information from anywhere, anytime? How do you integrate these decisions with day-to-day workloads so that you avoid downtime and maximize productivity?

With complexity growing every week, you need an experienced partner with business acumen to take you through the process, who help you make the right decisions for your business, now and in the future.

Business Case #3: Need to Address IT Complexity

Many small businesses choose to rely on their tech-savvy workers to help them manage their technology. But as the business grows, these ad hoc solutions can quickly cost the business way more than they save because those employees are more valuable doing the work they were hired to do.

The decision becomes either hire an MSP or a full-time, general IT expert to handle everything. One principle to help guide your decision is this: If your IT needs require consistent and constant support, then a dedicated staff makes sense. But if needs ebb and flow by a considerable margin, an MSP could be the better decision.

You Need Support, And You Want Strategic

The pattern among these cases is the recognition of the growing value of technology management. Whether a client comes to us with an existing IT staff, or at an earlier stage without staffers, whether they come looking to build strategic capabilities through applications or because they are overwhelmed with the current solution they have already purchased, we meet you on your level to help you better utilize IT in your business dealings.

In this day and age, when so many powerful solutions are being innovated, our work leads to real business growth. Read our case studies to see what success means to our clients.

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