Platte River Networks Overflowing With Perks
The company ranked No. 4 among medium-sized companies for the Denver Business Journal’s 2016 Best Places to Work.

May 20, 2016, 4:00 am MDT – Denver, CO —

By Kevin J. Beaty, Special to the Denver Business Journal

OK, so get this: Platte River Networks, an information technology firm, has a “Fun Committee.”
That’s just the start. Add to that an on-site gym complete with workout programs, an all-staff “Rockies Opening Day Event” (yes, on April 8, the whole staff, 41 employees, were there with their purple and white), a matching 401k, profit sharing and four weeks of vacation beginning first day of employment. And on their 10-year anniversary, employees (and significant others) get a one-week, all-expenses-paid vacation anywhere in the world.

And, it’s not uncommon to see a football flying through the office as employees take breaks. Stop by on a Friday afternoon and you may see a rousing game of ping pong and a happy hour.
Platte River’s mailbox may see a few extra resumes in the coming weeks.
Surprisingly perhaps, David DeCamillis, Platte River’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said of all the perks, the onsite gym with the daily workout programs gets the best reviews from employees.

“It’s by far our highest attended program,” DeCamillis said. “They can work out whenever their schedule allows, so it takes the hassle out of driving to a gym, finding parking and stressing out about getting back to the office. If someone’s having a rough morning and needs to take a break, the gym is just a few steps away, thirty minutes of cardio or weight lifting can completely change a day.”

But DeCamillis said the Fun Committee surprises most outsiders. “As a partner with United Way, our employees can pick as many charities as they like and employees are granted days off to support them.” DeCamillis said when the founders, Brent Allshouse and Treve Suazo, created Platte River Networks, they asked a simple question: “How would you like to be treated?”

“So whether you’re the provider, customer, co-worker, employer, partner, vendor or friend, from that one question, a company was born focusing on honesty, integrity, teamwork and motivation,” DeCamillis said. “Our entire staff strives every day to provide the best customer experience possible. We’re honestly one big family. Sharing and celebrating the highs and even the lows in all of our personal lives. We are a strong support system for each other.” Read more about how Platte River Networks can help you: platteriver.com

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