QuickHelp from BrainStorm

Microsoft continually updates the Office365 suite of software with new features and in some cases whole new solutions.  Our customers continue to ask us “How do I keep my staff educated on the capabilities of the software?”.  In some cases, our customers will tell us “I am not even sure what software I have and what it can do for me”.  If you have been asking these questions, we have a solution for you.

We have partnered with BrainStorm, a company that specializes in Microsoft training.  Their product, QuickHelp™, is an easily consumable, on-demand learning management system that allows you  to customize learning for specific people or teams within your organization and track their progress.  This is much more than watching some YouTube videos.  This will track the completion of courses, quiz the individual on their retention of the information and support any learning development program you may have.  These courses are kept up to date and released as new Microsoft features are released.  In addition, users can attend monthly “online live events”  on specific software tools.  This allows you to learn in a more interactive instructor lead environment.

With concise training sessions made up of short ( less than 3 minute) videos that focus on specific features of the software and how you can use it, you do not need to worry about the sessions taking forever, and using to much company time.  The training is engaging and easy to start and stop as you have time.  In addition, many of the courses have links to outside resources or handouts that augment the video training.  The goal is to make sure you learn the capabilities of the Microsoft toolset and get productive quickly.

If you are an organization that needs to stay compliant with security regulations like HIPAA, PCI, GLBA and many others, this tool is a must have.  As part of this learning environment, there is a security awareness module that is tailored to meet these compliance regulations and allows you to prove training compliance to your auditors.  Whether your organization is regulated or not, the security module is a fantastic way to reduce your risk of users falling prey to common security issues and help them understand how to protect themselves and the organization going forward.

For more information on QuickHelp check out the videos below:

Introduction to QuickHelp:

Making the most of your software investments with QuickHelp:

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