Financial IT Services

Choose technology solutions designed for financial services and access secure, reliable IT.

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Match Technology to Your Financial Institution’s Goals

IT designed for you. You can take that to the bank.

Deliver a secure, regulatory compliant experience to your customers with IT services designed for financial institutions.

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Maximize Uptime

Make sure your customers always have access to critical information. Modernize your infrastructure and document and test your DR strategy with a proactive partner.

Protect Financial Data

Secure your mission critical assets and data with regulated security services designed to address the plethora of security threats faced by financial institutions.

Adhere to Regulatory Laws

Ensure compliance with FINRA, the SEC, and other regulatory bodies by choosing IT services designed for financial institutions.

Increase Productivity

Use integrated platforms and productivity tools to help your employees work more efficiently, helping customers and finding new opportunities to grow your firm.

Improve the Customer Experience

Satisfy customers with easy-to-use, always accessible technology solutions that make checking accounts, making deposits, and getting help easy.

Secure the Digital Banking Experience


Increase in cybersecurity attacks on banks with COVID-19.


Of all breaches happen in financial services, making it the most-breached sector.


Of customers leave an institution without warning due to bad customer service.


Of consumers use mobile banking, according to a Business Insider study.

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“The depth of Applied Tech was a big factor for us. They help us keep up with the growth of our business, using Office365, Sharepoint and other applications. They help train our people and the staff has adjusted pretty quickly to all the new updates.”

Chris Foregger

President | Capital First Trust Company

90% of All Security Breaches Come Down to Human Error

Learn how a banking client recently avoided a clever social engineering crime using skills she gained in a cybersecurity awareness training program.

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Stay Ahead of the Digital Shift with IT Services for Financial Institutions

Make banking convenient for your users.

Today, your customers have digital experiences that set expectations for how they’ll engage with you. Convenience. Accessibility. Self-service. Your customers are making demands, and your technology is key to keeping pace.

With IT services for financial institutions, you can deliver these improved customer experiences while attending the most robust regulatory demands. Give your customers what they want while protecting what matters.

Protect Your Financial Institution from the Most Prevalent Threats

It’s like the Wild West. Except there’s a new sheriff in town.

Cyber criminals target financial institutions over every other sector because most (88%) are motivated by financial gain — and financial institutions are directly tied to money.

Choose our IT services, designed for financial institutions. We’ll help deter, detect, and defeat threats while minimizing damage to you and your customers.

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Protect Business with IT Services for Financial Institutions

Choose a technology solutions partner focused on delivering you IT services that make technology work.

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