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IT services designed to enable a secure, mobile workforce.

Let’s face it. Your business lives and dies by its projects. Each one is not like any other. You have to work with many different vendors, some of whom are your competitors, all working on schedules that are near impossible to coordinate.

You need reliable technology that can help your team manage the chaos that a project schedule often brings. The result is a project that stays on schedule and budget. And a happy customer that can help land you that next prized project.

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Manage Data

Discover how to better organize, store, transfer and secure large files easily and safely with the help of a strategic IT partner.

Work Anywhere

Help your team work easily at the home office or jobsite with tools that keep them connected and integrate with your key productivity and enterprise applications.

Reduce Downtime

Ensure your network is continuously monitored and regularly maintained to keep your system up. Solve issues the first time so they don’t become a recurring problem.

Enhance Security

33% of all cyberattacks occur in the AEC and Real Estate sectors. Protect your network from potential attack by regularly installing patches and updates. Safeguard valuable company data on field devices if they are lost or stolen.

Maintain Compliance

Meet your regulatory requirements if you have federal contracts or flow down cybersecurity commitments with customers.

Manage Current Threats and Challenges


Companies that see compliance mandates driving spending


IT decision makers uncomfortable with level of security for remote workers

Forecasted spending increase on remote desktop solutions in 2021


Increased number of supply chain attacks in 2019

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“Knowing that Applied Tech is constantly monitoring our server and workstations allows me to focus on the strategic issues of our business.”

Jeff Jasinski

CFO, Encore Construction, Inc.

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Discover How to Keep Your Projects on Track.

If time is money, downtime is eating away at your already tight margins. See how you can keep your team working and your customers happy.

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Embrace the Future of AEC Technologies.

Create a tech infrastructure to support BIM and VR.

Traditionally, the AEC sector has been slow to adopt new technologies that could dramatically transform the way they design and build projects. Today, leading edge technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Reality (VR) are becoming more accessible to small and mid-sized AEC firms.

By working with an IT services provider that has extensive industry experience, you can build a tech infrastructure that can fully leverage these innovative tools. In turn, you can reduce rework, speed up projects and provide immersive experiences for your customers all of which will keep you competitive in a rough and tumble marketplace.

Learn more about VR

Attract and Retain Employees with Solid Tech

Give your people the right tools to work from anywhere.

The supply for talent may be a limiting factor in your company’s ability to grow in the future. Combine that with the new ways we have all discovered how to work – not only in the office but at home, the job site or nearby café. Job candidates now expect to have that flexibility and the right tools to help them do their job.

Give your company that additional edge in hiring and keeping the talent that will ensure your company’s success. Choose an IT services provider that knows how to help keep your staff both flexible and productive.

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