Dynamics 365 CRM

Enhance Customer Relationship Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and an Ontrack Service Offering through Applied Tech

If your business is searching for the most advanced, user-friendly method of customer relationship management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM software is your premier CRM solution in managing customer activity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is consistently leading the pack among CRM software. The IT research and advisory firm, Gartner, lists Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the upper right quadrant of their Magic Quadrant, placing Dynamics CRM software in the industry leader’s category – top-notch in executing current visions and preparing for the future regarding customer relationship management.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is the Best for Your Business

Easy to Use: With training from Applied Tech and a user-friendly platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM incorporates your favorite Microsoft software and applications including Office 365, SharePoint, OneNote, Outlook, and more. The Dynamics CRM server can be easily customized to both the business and the individual user.

Maximizes Efficiency: Microsoft Dynamics software is intuitive, so you can easily access and locate customer information right when you need it through a central knowledge database. Dynamics 365 helps maximize efficiency by giving the user access to client history, profiles, prospects, lead generation, and more at the touch of a button.

Promotes Productivity: Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows for users to access CRM documents and tools both on and offline, via any device, thus allowing employees to work anytime, anywhere.

Unified Automation: Microsoft Dynamics provides a standardized form of communication unique to each organization to convey ideas and share customer relationship management information easily and effectively.

Allows Flexibility in Features, Support, & Price: Most CRMs only offer access via the cloud, but Microsoft Dynamics offers cloud, on-premises, or hybrid solutions. We can adjust Microsoft CRM services as needed and offer cost-effective CRM software with flexible licensing options to fit varying budgets.

Enhances Customer Engagement & Drives Business: Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a comprehensive platform of CRM tools, applications, and programs that provide in-depth analysis of customer engagement trends. Dynamics CRM allows you to manage customer experience and activity with tracking tools, forms, lead generating innovations, and more.

When utilized effectively, Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools will help your company drive business and improve customer retention.

Why Applied Tech’s OnTrack Service is the difference between CRM success and failure

Study after study shows CRM implementation failure rates between 30 and 70%. We have partnered with Azamba Consulting Group who specializes in CRM implementations. One of the main reasons for this partnership is their track record of nearly 99% successful CRM implementations of their 300+ CRM projects. A combination of Applied Tech’s proven user support methodology combined with Azamba’s CRM expertise is an unbeatable combination. So how can Applied Tech be so successful compared to other CRM vendors? It is all about being OnTrack.

The main reason for CRM failures is caused by the way CRM is installed and maintained going forward. In many cases, customers try to install every feature of CRM all at once, so they can get the most from their installation dollars. This is done with minimal knowledge of current processes and what changes may be needed once the software is up and running. Thus, you get the software installed with processes that don’t work and software partially configured for your needs. Users then get frustrated and adoption is slow or non-existent. From there, failure is almost guaranteed.

Our OnTrack service offerings are designed to avoid the catastrophic scenario described above. We implement the fundamental portions of CRM and get your staff to understand and use new processes and then build from there. Our ongoing OnTrack support has built in sessions to review configurations and processes so that new features can be implemented when your staff is ready, and the processes are better understood. This continuous improvement process keeps CRM aligned with your business goals.

Some of the Ways We Help You Navigate Your CRM Journey

Regular Coaching Calls: Regular Coaching Calls ensure your staff continues to use the system, you uncover how to get more from CRM, and your path to success progresses.

Deep Dive Sessions: Deep Dive Sessions are periodic one-hour in-depth training on specific aspects of CRM designed to maximize the return on your CRM investment.

Anytime Videos: You have continued access to the videos after implementation, so when you hire new staff, they can be on-boarded quickly. If someone needs a brush-up, the training is still available.

Ongoing Support: With access to the OnTrack Support Portal, Support Chat, Phone Support, Knowledge-base and Remote Administration services, questions are answered quickly, so your organization can keep moving forward.

Ongoing Learning: Monthly lunch-and-learn webinars, quarterly “what’s new” webcasts and publisher road map webinars keep you in the loop with the latest developments about your CRM, so you’re aware of what can best benefit you and your organization.

Annual System Audit: The Annual System Audit and Annual Usage Report identify how you’ve been using Sage CRM over the past year and how you can make better use of the system in order to get the most out of it.

With all of these tools and resources at your disposal your CRM management is sure to be a success.

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