TechCare Advanced Security

Hackers are directing their efforts to breach organization’s systems by targeting your end users. This is primarily done through phishing campaigns that lure users to click on email links that ultimately ask them for user credentials. Once a hacker has those credentials, they can access your system and cause no end of havoc. In some cases, this can lead to thousands of dollars of lost funds and an unrepairable reputation. The good news is that you can protect yourself. Applied Tech’s TechCare Advanced Security package is designed to protect your users from receiving many of these dangerous emails, educate your users on what they should not be clicking on and protecting all user accounts with multi-factor authentication software to protect your accounts if someone does let their guard down and fall prey to a hacker.

Applied Tech’s Advanced Security package contains the following
· Advanced Threat Protection
· Quarterly Phishing Campaigns
· Multi-Factor Authentication
· Plus all of the TechCare Foundation Security services included in your base TechCare solution

Each of these additional solutions are good on their own, but bundled together it gives you a well rounded solution to protect your organization against sophisticated hacking attempts. This is an absolutely critical approach as the number of hacking attempts have skyrocketed in recent months.
Contact Applied Tech to get more information about how we can help minimize your exposure to more and more sophisticated hacker attempts before your organization suffers a costly and embarrassing breach.