12 Vulnerabilities that Cause Data Loss

Many small to medium-sized businesses think that if they have a firewall and an antivirus, then both their data and their network are safe and sound from threats. This could not be further from the truth.

While security threats are important, your company is vulnerable to more than security threats. Everything from a power outage to human error can cause the untimely destruction of sensitive, irreplaceable information. These vulnerabilities can cause catastrophic data loss or can insidiously corrupt your network to the degree that your network is compromised for years.

To protect your company’s most valuable asset from these vulnerabilities, you need to understand them.

Take note of these 12 vulnerabilities that can cause data loss:

1. Human error: When someone accidentally deletes a file, or moves it to the wrong location, what happens to it? Without backups, the information is gone.

2. Physical security: With so much talk about cybersecurity, the physical theft or loss of devices is often a forgotten, but real threat.

3. Personal mobile devices: Employees are using personal devices for work can expose your company’s network and data to external threats.

4. Malware: Malware can eat up your bandwidth, corrupt files, and cause downtime, productivity loss and the loss of valuable company data.

5. Ransomware: Ransomware strikes any unprotected network. Unfortunately, home office virus protection software, is not something that will protect you from these attacks.

6. Intrusion attempts: If you don’t have adequate firewall protection, intrusion attempts can knock your servers down (and could even be successful), causing your company unwanted downtime.


7. Power outages: When the power goes down without the right backups, your core systems can go down and data can be lost quite easily.

8. Weather events: Inclement weather also can knock your systems down or damage them, leaving you without critical systems or data – unless you use a backup option that includes redundancy in more than one location.

9. Remote access: Accessing the network or company data through unsecured remote access can expose you to whatever risks might be lurking on your employee’s home PC.

10. Botnets: Botnets take over any device (even a “smart fridge”) to send spam or carryout hacker activities directed at other networks. They basically turn your device into a “hacker’s machine.”

11. Spear-phishing: These kinds of emails can look alarmingly legitimate, but don’t be fooled. Once you give away financial or sensitive information, you can’t get it back.

12. Industrial espionage: You don’t have to have a corner office on Wall Street to fall victim to industrial espionage. Targeted attacks aimed at gaining intellectual property can easily target any small to medium-sized business.

Most companies know they need a multi-layer defense system that can filter and scan for threats. Just as importantly, make sure your data is safely backed up, so your company isn’t vulnerable to the storms that come your way.

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