Flex CIO Services

The Flex CIO service is designed to meet the needs of the small and medium sized business community. Cost and access to technology executives is often not a realistic venture for such organizations. Yet the rapid change of pace and complexity in technology impacts businesses of any size dramatically. Imagine access to proven CIO expertise at a cost far less than what a help desk technician would cost. The Flex CIO service can stand alone or augment your current managed IT services.

We can tailor the help you need to a budget that you can afford by offering proven technology leadership that will help you meet the hyper-competitive market you face today. In any business, there are natural revenue and profitability plateaus that seem impossible to achieve. Breaking through to the next level requires improved processes, better technology and often a fresh perspective from resources with extensive experience. The Flex CIO service provides that expertise and insight to guide your team to that next level.

We want to give you a free trial run of this service:

In most cases, business managers will approve projects if they see a true benefit to the organization.  As an introductory offer, we would like to offer you up to 2 hours of free guidance to provide a business justification for a project that you would like to get approved.

The process of building a project justification that will get approved is fairly simple but takes an ability to understand the technical benefits of a product and how they relate to the business.  As a business person, you likely understand the business perspective.  As a technology person, you likely understand the technology benefits.  The key is to be able to frame the technology benefits as business benefits.  After walking thru the process, you will have a framework that you can use into the future.  With practice, you will get projects approved that you were unable to get approved before.  This will be a major step forward in acting strategically for the organization.

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Strategic IT Planning:

Organizations often do operational technology planning with the goal of simply “keeping the lights on”.  This typically involves expanding storage capacity, critical application upgrades, and replacing aging desktops and laptops.  While that type of planning is important, it does not focus on how technology can help your organization prepare for the future, and support your long-term organizational goals.  In today’s fast paced world, technology solutions are rapidly disrupting business markets and processes.  It is critical that organizations align their technology to not only support, but lead their business plans.  Flex CIO service consultants will help create a solid foundation, and technology road-map that will guide you and your business into the future.

Application Process Review:

Many organizations, no matter the size, have critical processes that just don’t work anymore.  Often times, what worked previously just doesn’t work anymore now that more work is involved.  In addition, most enterprise application capabilities are not being taken full advantage of.  In most cases, the resolution to these issues is a fresh perspective.  Flex CIO service consultants can provide a fresh perspective while working with your team and application providers to identify the process issues and options to take full advantage of software that you already own.

Technology Mentoring:

“I don’t know what I don’t know” – is one of the key phrases that we often hear from organizations. Which is a direct result from having no dedicated technology resources available within your organization, or if a majority of your current staff is purely focused on operational tasks. In many cases, executive staff and/or technology staff need real world advice to make the right decisions.  In addition, business teams often talk a different language than the technology teams they work with.  These differing points of view require melding in order to come up with the ideal solutions for their business. The Flex CIO consultant can help bridge the gap between your teams. Whether it is a need for technology and process advice or someone to help translate business needs to technology actions, Flex CIO consultants can play that pivotal role that often plague organizations.

Potential Flex CIO Use Cases

  • Lost sales/customer satisfaction: Organizational strategy calls for “minimal friction” for clients to sign contracts. The CFO manages technology vendors, but doesn’t understand how systems fit together and how processes work end to end. The vendors only know their part of the process. Ultimately, little is done to meet this strategic initiative because no one knows what the possibilities are.
  • No Business Continuity Plan: A network attack shuts down operations. The company has no documented recovery plan in case of a serious business interruption event. A network attack shuts down operations. Recovery plans are made up along the way extending recovery times by weeks at a severe cost and impact to customer satisfaction.
  • Overtime for non-exempt employees with mobile access to email: Hourly staff regularly monitor their email after business hours to ensure important emails are handled.  In the event someone leaves the organization and is disgruntled enough to report the company to the Wage and Hour Division;  with no governance processes in place you will be fined for back pay of overtime for hourly staff accessing their email outside of business hours.
  • Choosing the “right” technology: A small contingent of staff dislike the current software that is used to manage customer interactions. They take it upon themselves to contact an alternative business consulting firm to discuss their department’s needs, rather than understanding how that software is utilized company-wide. Ultimately, the project runs over budget, doesn’t process or share information effectively throughout the organization and software isn’t used. The cost of the project is effectively written off as a total loss.
  • Augmenting and/or mentoring current technology staff: The current technology staff are good operationally, but do not have the experience to work with external auditors or executive staff in a peer to peer context. The lack of audit experience results in numerous audit issues that must be remediated at a significant cost and reputational damage to your business. Executive staff do not trust the technology staff and search out external firms to solve their technology needs resulting in solutions that do not work effectively together and processes that frustrate operational staff.