Employee Spotlight: Tyler Chatterton

This month, we are proud to shine the employee spotlight on Tyler Chatterton, a valued member of the Applied Tech team serving as a Marketing Specialist. Tyler’s journey into Applied Tech was paved by his roles as a Digital Marketing Specialist and later as a Digital Marketing Team Lead at the Wisconsin Innovation Service Center. These experiences not only honed his skills but also seamlessly prepared him for his role in our dynamic work environment.

Tyler earned his Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in Digital Marketing in 2021, and subsequently pursued his Master’s of Business Administration with a focus on Marketing, completed in 2022. This academic foundation equips Tyler with the knowledge and insights necessary to excel in his field.

Joining Applied Tech marked Tyler’s first step into the professional world after college, and he embraced each day as a learning opportunity. As a valued member of our team for 11 months, Tyler’s expertise as a Marketing Specialist shines through. His versatile role leverages his degree across various aspects including social media management, email marketing, website content creation, event coordination, and generating reviews for Applied Tech.

Flexibility is a cornerstone of Tyler’s role, something he deeply values. Each day brings new challenges and tasks, allowing Tyler to thrive in an environment that encourages adaptability and creative problem-solving. His dedication to excellence and passion for his work are evident in the remarkable results he consistently delivers.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Tyler finds joy in working out, swimming, photography, hiking, and managing social media accounts. Tyler’s happiness reaches its pinnacle atop a mountain, where he can gaze at snowy slopes and immerse himself in the beauty of nature.

A fun fact about Tyler is his twin brother, adding a unique layer to his life story. Tyler holds his parents in high admiration for their unwavering support and guidance throughout his journey.

Tyler’s connection to his hometown, Kenosha, WI, resonates with his favorite superhero choice—The Hulk, portrayed by Mark Ruffalo, a fellow Kenosha native. His favorite movie, “The Game” (1997), captures his fondness for mystery and intrigue.

Considering various paths, Tyler’s aspiration is clear: to become the best version of himself. This sentiment underscores his commitment to continuous growth and self-improvement.

Reflecting on his childhood dreams, Tyler always aimed for success in his chosen career and education path. His journey aligns beautifully with this aspiration, and we are privileged to have Tyler Chatterton as an integral part of the Applied Tech team. As he continues to contribute significantly to our marketing endeavors, we eagerly anticipate his continued growth and impactful contributions to our success.

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