Employee Spotlight: Peter Nowak

Peter Nowak is a valued member of our team, serving as a Network Administrator in our Support Services department. With a strong professional background that includes positions such as Lead Network Specialist at Universal Mortgage and Managed Services Engineer at Core Vision, Peter brings a wealth of experience to his role. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Illinois State University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from UW Milwaukee, highlighting his technical expertise and business acumen.

Peter’s journey in the technology industry began with an exciting opportunity at Manpower right after high school. This experience allowed him to develop a versatile skill set and a strong work ethic as he tackled a wide range of tasks across the south side of Chicago. Since then, Peter has dedicated himself to the field of IT, building a successful career spanning several decades.

As a Network Administrator in our Support Services department since February 2022, Peter’s favorite aspect of his current role lies in working directly with clients. The daily variety of problems he encounters keeps him engaged and fosters collaboration with his colleagues. Resolving clients’ issues and witnessing their satisfaction brings him immense fulfillment. One memorable project involved working with Metropolitan Associates after a breach, where Peter successfully improved their security and networking infrastructure, resulting in highly satisfied clients.

In our Escalation department, Peter and his team aim to enhance customer experiences and support by closely collaborating with technicians who escalate tickets. Through careful analysis and review, they strive to gain a deeper understanding of issues and improve problem-solving efficiency, ensuring exceptional service for our clients.

Outside of work, Peter enjoys a fulfilling personal life. Hailing from the Chicagoland South Suburbs, specifically South Holland and Frankfurt, Illinois, he embraces various aspects of life. His leisure activities include golfing and boating, which provide moments of serenity and joy, particularly in warm weather. As a lifelong fan of the Chicago Bears, Peter cherishes the memories of attending their games for an impressive 49 years. His admiration for Pope Francis serves as a guiding light, inspiring him to treat everyone with respect and dignity—a philosophy he often shares with others. Since childhood, Peter has nurtured a passion for ice hockey, thanks to his father introducing him to the sport at the age of 5.

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have Peter Nowak as part of our AT team. With his extensive experience, technical expertise, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, Peter continues to make a remarkable impact as a Network Administrator.

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