9 Ways Applied Tech Protects You from Risks

You’ve likely read about different IT vulnerabilities your company faces on a regular basis. You’re probably aware of the potential damages to your company that can come about because of those risks. Vulnerabilities, security threats, outages and other events can cost you valuable data, lost sales, billable hours and wasted employee hours. For companies who are governed by regulations like HIPAA, it can cost you in fines. They can even cost your business. If your clients are adversely affected by the outage, it can cost you in reputation and lawsuits.

You can guard your company from the negative shock waves by having comprehensive monitoring and protection across your infrastructure. This requires a proactive stance; as well as the ability to react quickly should any issues arise. We believe in an IT service model that focuses on maximizing your uptime and guarding against any vulnerabilities you have.

These are the 9 activities Applied Tech uses to protect our clients from vulnerabilities:

1. Ongoing monitoring. We remotely track all your IT systems for critical events and failures and address them on the spot.

2. Data backup and protection. We ensure your data is properly stored and can be easily and quickly recovered.

3. Critical security management. We constantly monitor for critical software patches as well as firewall and antivirus updates to ensure your network is as protected as possible.

4. Asset planning. Our staff tracks your assets and helps you plan and budget for necessary replacements so you can forecast and not get sideswiped by unexpected costs.

5. 24-month strategic planning. Part of protecting you from vulnerabilities is considering the future to understand what needs you have. With built-in risk planning, you’re more aware of what’s to come.

6. Change management. When software, servers or other technology is added, you need someone looking at the big picture to see how the change could impact your IT environment.

7. End-user education and training. Your employees and end users are on the frontline. They should be armed with knowledge.

8. Partnership with our client. We conduct quarterly executive meetings where we advise on trends and how they can impact you.

9. Additional fortification. Whatever else you might need, whether it’s the creation of policies, mobile device management, or something else, we work with you to include the entire IT environment.

We’ve undergone extensive third-party vetting to obtain our CompTIA Managed Services Provider and CompTIA Security certifications. These certifications signify our company’s commitment to industry best practices, such as managed service agreements and standard operating procedures as well as the systems and tools for delivering services. These certifications offer our clients the satisfaction of knowing that Applied Tech can offer complete protection from vulnerabilities. Our technicians and advisors work seamlessly together to ensure your entire network is secure and healthy.

Even if you’re confident that your IT systems are covered and you’re good to go, a third-party network assessment is always a good idea. If you’ve never had a network assessment, it provides great insight on to where you should be placing your resources, and what processes can be improved. We recommend you have one conducted at least every one or two years. If you’re due for one, we can help.

Contact Applied Tech at (608)729-1300 to schedule an independent assessment of your company’s vulnerability.

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